VIDEO: Feminazis Trying To Ban The Word “Bossy”

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There is a new public movement going around trying to ban the word “bossy” from the English language that is being pushed by some of the country’s biggest feminists.  The idea is to negate a way for anyone, but specifically men, from making it appear as if a woman is doing something wrong when it is otherwise acceptable behavior if exude by men.

The movement is called #BanBossy and is the result of extreme PC soldiers attempting to infringe further on our First Amendment rights.  The movement expresses their disliking of the word as it, “discourages young girls from being assertive and ambitious,” and prevents them from, “becoming leaders.”

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A new video provided by Infowars is seeking to expose the movement as an action of Marxist intent with the intent being to silence the people.  After all, being oppressed isn’t a sudden thing.  These actions take years and possible decades to occur where people’s reaction to incidents are dulled over time.

Likening the new found effort to that of George Orwell’s 1984, they state that this is a major step forward toward total government control.  Seeing to create a nation where 100% compliance is required of citizens, taking away the freedom of speech with most certainly be the first step in the process.

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