AMAZING FOOTAGE: Heroic Hippos Save Gnu From Crocodile Trying To Kill It

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An amazing moment in nature has been captured on camera for the world to see.


While on safari in the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya, Israeli photographer Vadim Onishchenko was lucky enough to get the breathtaking moment on film.

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When a helpless gnu was attacked by a hungry crocodile, it meant almost sure death for the antelope-like animal.


That is, until a gang of heroic hippos stepped in to save the day.


As the crocodile mercilessly bit the gnu and attempted to drag it under water, the hippos intervened.


They can be seen chasing off the crocodile.

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Afterwards, they even helped push the wounded gnu to safety at the water’s edge.


It was eventually able to hobble onto land, thanks to the help from it’s unlikely friends.


The photographer remarked:

“I have heard of cases where the animals instinct is to protect the other species, I think the hippos parental instincts took over.  The hippos are probably the only animal not afraid of the crocs and I would even say the hippo is the only animal the crocodiles are afraid of.  I was shooting the scene from our vehicle for more than two hours.  We saw the gnu escape the water but it stood there for quite a while as I think it was in shock.  When we left the animal was still ashore and seemed uninjured but we had to leave as it was getting dark.  Even our safari guide was stunned by the hippos behavior, he said he had never seen anything like it before.  It was certainly an unforgettable moment, I feel honored to have seen such a spectacle.”

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Those hippos have some definite karma coming their way!  I wonder what unlikely beast might step in to assist in their time of need.  Let’s hope it’s captured on camera like this harrowing incident was! 

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