Liberal Groups Protest Massive Hospital Donation Because Of Conservative Donor

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For the longest time the boogeymen of the left have been David and Charles Koch, who are both actively conservative and donate heavily to conservative causes. Well they recently decided to make a $100 million donation to a hospital in New York City which has caused the unions and other activist groups in the area to lose their minds even though it’s the largest donation the hospital would have ever received.

The massive donation from David Koch will be used to build a new wing at the New York Presbyterian Hospital and will more than likely create new jobs for nurses and doctors alike, however since the money is coming from one of the Koch brothers then they hospital mustn’t accept it according to the highly liberal groups opposing it.


The hatred from the left has become so immense that two unions and the NAACP have taken to the streets in protest. Both the New York State Nurse’s Association and the SEIU joined with the civil rights group to protest at the hospital and and the New York apartment of David Koch, arguing that the money should be returned in spite of the jobs it will create that will ultimately help everyone at the hospital.

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The protests even drew the attention, and attendance, of one of NYC’s councilmen liberal Democrat Ben Kallos who tweeted “David Koch is against affordable healthcare. Why is his name on a hospital?” along with a picture of himself at one of the rallies.

Another underlying theme at the mindless protests was that David Koch funded the “war on women,” as the demonstrators hoped to drive the Koch brothers out of New York and force them to take their rather large chunk of cash with them.


Messages such as “Quality care, not Koch care,” “Patients, not profits,” and “if there ain’t going to be no justice, there ain’t going to be no peace” littered the social media giant Twitter as the nurses union let out their irrational frustrations to the world.

It’s worth noting that there is something about this story that ties Clinton into the mix as well.

Bill Clinton had received $225,000 from the Washington Hospital Center in 2012 for a speaking engagement that he appeared for. It was later disclosed on his wife’s ethics filing while she was Secretary of State. In that year the hospital laid off 300 employees and in the previous year another 200.

Dan Fields Jr. is the local president for the SEIU where the hospital is located and said “No disrespect to Bill Clinton, but that money could’ve gone a long way and been put to better use.”

It’s funny that the same people who are protesting to stop the funding of more jobs aren’t on their way down to Washington to protest an outrageous speaking fee while the hospital was cutting massive amounts of jobs. Then again we shouldn’t expect ideological consistency from the same people who view the murder of the unborn as a “women’s health” issue.

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