DISTURBING: Gay Couple Grooms And “Systematically Violates” Adopted Baby For Use In Pedophile Ring

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Disturbing news is coming from Australia after a worldwide effort revealed exactly what a gay couple was doing to their child.  Apparently grooming and “systematically violating” their adopted son since he was just 20-months-old, they used him for money in an international pedophile ring.

Hundreds of photos and videos were stored on the computer of Peter Truong and Mark Newton showing a seemingly happy family.  The countless vacations, all documented with footage portray a family that has much darker secrets.

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The video camera was just one tool in Truong and Newton’s arsenal when it came to grooming their child to do unspeakable thing.  Ensuring that their adopted son, called Adam to prevent his real identity from being exposed, was used to being in front of the camera, the perverted couple always had it rolling.

Starting their toddler out small, authorities involved in the case relay that they “systematically violated” Adam as they prepared him for use later on.  Senior Counsel of the U.S. attorney’s office in Indianapolis, Steve Debrota relayed that “they filmed this poor kid in horrible situations,” and started out with small sexual acts that, as time went on, got more invasive and perverse.


Soon, at only 4 years old, Truong and Newton took Adam on several trips where he was introduced to several men who all wanted the same thing.  Being members of the man boy love club, Truong and Newton were thought to be rock stars amongst the group offering the cream of the crop.

Traveling to countless locations after having taught Adam that this was normal, the boy was subject to being abandoned by his parents while the paying pedophiles completed their heinous acts.  Stopping anywhere and everywhere they could to make a buck, Truong and Newton would allow men to rape Adam in airports and nearby hotels.

It wasn’t long until Police were on their trail though.  After discovering, on an unrelated case that a pedophile had on his computer pictures of Adam, whom they knew nothing of at the time, an international effort commenced in order to find the boy.

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Starting in Australia, the chase soon after shifted to America where Truong and Newton had brought Adam.  They were then pointed in the direction of an organization known as the “Tail of the Dragon” which was a highly secretive international pedophile ring.

As authorities were soon to find out, it had remained so secretive for so long as the men involved were highly cautious.  Everything related to them was encrypted and all police had to go on was a username.  As Truong and Newton continued using and abusing their son, police were soon to uncover that one user, who went by the name of “Red Rover” was none other than Peter Truong.

This however wasn’t enough to point authorities in the right direction as they had no idea the identity of the boy they were looking for.  After busting down doors of other usernames relating to the Tail of the Dragon, they were soon to discover more photos and videos of the mysterious and extremely abused boy.

The videos were said to make the stomach churn they were so disgustingly disturbing.  One investigator said that the acts performed on Adam would be enough to permanently scar a professional sex worker.  After gathering enough information, it wasn’t long before they were able to connect the dots to who this boy was.

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They soon raided the home of Truong and Newton and found a treasure trove of evidence.  Police seized years worth of hard drives, computers, photos, and videos, all showing exactly what they had done to the boy.  Truong is currently being held at the Federal Correctional Institute down in Florida. Newton is also imprisoned and both have plead guilty to making hardcore child pornography as well as using their child for use in an international pedophile ring.  The men were sentenced to 40 years behind bars.

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