Buddhist Cult Practices “Tantric Sex Rituals” That Has Left One Person Dead And Another Hospitalized

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A Buddhist group, that some former members refer to as a cult, has recently been exposed for the unconventional practice that it truly is.  Said to involve, “tantric sex rituals” the bizarre retreat has mysteriously been the cause of one death and has left another participant hospitalized.

Princeton educated Michael Roach is said to lead a community of Buddhists that is currently causing quite a bit of controversy.  After the recent death of one member, several former members have stepped forward to shed light on some of the organization’s darker secrets.

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Michael Roach used to run a diamond business that was worth an astounding tens of millions of dollars before committing himself to his religion.  It wasn’t long before he was boasting that the true reason for his success was Buddhism itself, a fact that several other leaders, such as the Dali Lama, refuted to their fullest extent.


Roach was married to a woman named Christie McNally for a full ten years before the two got divorced.  Apparently frowned upon by the Buddhist community as members of the religion are not to be married nor are they to have sex, Roach insisted that the two were celibate.

McNally, just one month after her divorce, remarried to a man named, Ian Thorson, who was also a member of the group.  Surprisingly, the two were said to hit it off and were quite the couple, on the outside at least.

Sometime throughout their relationship the couple got into a heated altercation where Thorson was stabbed in the chest three times by McNally.  Initially the story was that the two got into a fight, McNally soon shared with the public, “Of course it was an accident! I would never do harm to anyone’s body on purpose, least of all my holy husband, who I adore. We were simply fooling around, like children playing with their father’s samurai sword, unaware that eventually someone is bound to get hurt.”


As they were on Roach’s Diamond Mountain participating in a retreat, they were said to have five days to pack up and leave but chose to depart immediately.  Saying that they were, “not ready to re-enter the world,” the two took up camping in a cave in the desert.

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As locals left food and water for them they soon fell ill and were no longer able to retrieve it.  Some short time later a search party was sent out and found Thorson dead of dehydration while McNally was barely alive and severely delusional.

After the banishing from the compound, Dateline took a more detailed look into the group and its leader and found some shockingly surprising information.  After speaking to several former members, it was clear that the group, or cult, were into some pretty weird practices.

Former volunteer, Sid Johnson, shared that his initiation with Roach involved, “kissing and genital touching.”  Former follower, and current Buddhist monk, Lama Lobsang Nyima echoes equally revealing information saying that once he stumbled across something bizarre.


After entering Roach’s temple, Nyima claims to have seen, “Ian, lying prostrate on the floor in the middle of some sort of devotion to Roach.  The strong devotion that Roach asked of his followers came with a tantric element.”

Nyima also shared a contradictory practice encouraged by Roach saying, “We are not allowed to have sex, but in yoga there are practices that involve joining with a partner.  They are secret, and you are not allowed to disclose them. You might think of them as sex, but their purpose is to move inner energy. It takes very strict training.”

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According to the Daily Mail, “The retreat will end on April 3, 2014. Of its original 39 participants, 34 remain.”

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