VIDEO: SNL Viciously Attacks Conservative Men, Crowd Not So Amused

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Saturday Night Live is known for delving into the political world with their sketch comedy routines and this weekend’s episode was no exception. Lena Dunham hosted the show and in one of their skits they went after politically motivated conservative men by portraying a nerdy male activist and having him being torn down by five women, only the crowd didn’t see it as humorous as the shows writers obviously did.

The only male in the whole shit was supposed to be a “grassroots activist,” only he was the type of activist that’s the anti-christ of the left, he fought for “men’s rights” and was responsible for getting two Planned Parenthoods shut down.

Aside from radicalizing his views they made him look like some sort of undesirable virgin that women wouldn’t be attracted to that decided to become an activist after he was dumped by a girl when he was 18, something that many liberals like to think actually happens.

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The skit shows the women finding out more and more about the activist life of “Bruce.” Upon each revelation they seem to become more angered and rip into him every chance they get. As the skit became more politically charged the audience became more withdrawn, with merely quiet chuckles here or there rather than the usual cheers and jeers.

When the character played by Lena Dunham discovered Bruce had been responsible for shutting down the Planned Parenthood locations her response what that Planned Parenthood provides women with “low-cost medical advice and care,” obviously promoting the left’s narrative that Planned Parenthood is essential to women’s health. There was no follow up, no other description, and no laughter from the audience either.

After that Bruce left the room to walk home, leaving his car behind for his girlfriend to take with her.

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