Teacher Accidentally Shows Photo Of Herself “Performing Sex Acts” To Students

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A middle school teacher has accidentally gotten herself into quite the bit of hot water lately after an incident occurred in her middle school classroom.  Reportedly the woman unintentionally incorporated a photo of herself “performing sex acts,” in a slideshow that was being used for a classroom activity.

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After the humiliating and embarrassing incident occurred, the teacher was extremely remorseful and even sent a letter to each parent of the students that were in her classroom at the time. The letter read:

“Hello my name is [redacted] and I am your child’s [redacted]. Today an unfortunate and embarrassing incident occurred during class

An inappropriate picture that was taken on my personal phone was transferred to iPads in the classroom.

Unfortunately some of the students were exposed to the photo by accident. I would personally like to apologize for an inappropriate and unprofessional image that your child may or may not have seen.

Please know that the photo was never intended for view by anyone here at the school. The incident is being investigated and appropriate sanctions for my actions will occur.

Every measure is being taken to ensure that the picture is not accessible from any source.”

The Ipads were said to have been wiped clean after the incident.

Some of the parents however don’t think the letter is quite enough.  One father of a boy that was in the teacher’s class, Nicholas Tolerson, relayed, “My heart goes out to not only my son, but other kids in the classroom.”


Tolerson not only shared his sympathies with reporters but conveyed that the teacher and school may not be sharing the entire story.  According to him, his son came home saying he watched a sex video.  Suggesting that the “picture” was actually a video, he states, “[My son] says she was performing sex acts.”

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However the incident occurred, no one is arguing that the incident was highly inappropriate.  For that, the teacher is reported to have been disciplined, “under the Arkansas Teacher Fair Dismissal Act, which covers both terminations and suspensions.”

Let us know how you would feel if your child was in the classroom during the teacher’s goof by leaving a comment below.

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