University Has Secret Meetings To Force Liberal “Tolerance” On Professors

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Western Washington University has been having secret meetings with their staff in order to force them to adopt liberal “tolerance” when dealing with issues on campus.

The staff meetings are considered to be viewpoint-corrective training sessions centered around far left political topics like “gender privilege,” heterosexual privilege,” and “language privilege” that are held once a month. They’re actually called “Cultural Competency Staff Meetings” and require that staff members listen to lectures from “experts” on topics like sexism and white privilege, according to Campus Reform who was able to secure an interview with one of the staff members.

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They say that the meetings are kept secret and that the staff members who attend them have been sworn to keep them that way, however one member was willing to give an anonymous interview regarding them.

The meetings are barred to the public and staff members are specifically told to not discuss what happened during the individual sessions with anybody else for any reason.

“I felt I would be discriminated against based on my political and religious beliefs, and because I don’t believe the content of the meetings will reduce racism or other ‘isms,’” the anonymous employee said. “The primary theme of the meetings makes people considered privileged feel guilty and minorities feel self-pity.”

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The meetings were required until some of the staff said that they felt like the meetings were nothing more than forced indoctrination by the school, now they’re voluntary.

The Dean of Students, Theodore Pratt, says that the meetings are an effort to make the campus more sensitive to the issues they face although they wouldn’t actually comment on the policy.

He did share with Campus Reform some of the details about who speaks at the meetings, however, one man named Robert Jensen is a scholar on the issues of race. He also believes that white people are inherently privileged because of the U.S. culture having a history of white supremacy, which doesn’t exactly sound neutral to this journalist.

In the anonmous staff member’s email they described how staff members felt during the meetings. “At the beginning of the Cultural Competency Staff Meetings several employees felt uncomfortable talking about sensitive racial topics, so we were told not to share conversations from the meetings outside of [them].”

Seems like they were a real hit.

What do you think, should schools be forcing their staff to attend these extreme left-wing seminars? Sound off in the comments!

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