VIDEO: Unsuspecting Woman Finds 8 Pounds Of Pot In Spare Tire

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An unidentified Ohio woman is making headlines after she took her car to the dealership and mechanics discovered eight pounds of marijuana stuffed into her spare tire.

The woman in Lorain, Ohio took her 2013 Ford Focus to the dealership after she got a flat tire. When mechanics replaced the flat with her spare and took it for a test drive they noticed an odd vibration in the car. Upon inspection, they found the spare tire was stuffed full of the pot, worth $12,000 on the street.

Since she had bought the car new in August, police say she’s not a suspect and won’t be charged with possessing it. They believe that the marijuana was placed in the tire where the car was assembled, in Mexico, for someone to retrieve when it arrived at its destination. However the woman bought the car before the intended recipient was able to get their stash.

Lorain County Sheriffs don’t believe that fining the source of the drugs will be an easy task since they’re sure they originated outside of the border, however this is one of three total cases where drugs were found in the tires of vehicles coming out of Mexico this week alone.

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