Liberals Run Amok: Yelling Now Just As Physiologically Damaging As Spanking

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According to a new Liberal study completed by some of the leading children behavioral specialists, yelling can be just as bad for kids as spanking.  Of course this should come as no shock as Liberals wish to live in a society like that of an Anarchy, where people are allowed to do whatever they please in the name of “tolerance.”

There aren’t that many tools in the parenting arsenal these days as Liberals continue to chip away at some of the practices that are as old as time itself.  Seeing how spanking is no longer considered acceptable as it accounts for a certain amount of “physiological damage,” our tolerant friends to the left have turned their sights to something else – yelling.

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Liberals have continued to corrupt society through condemnation and seem to be seeking to limit parents from doing just about anything when it comes to disciplining their children.  Now taking aim at yelling, doctors have begun to push that yelling is just as damaging, if not worse, than spanking your child.

The practice of yelling however seems to be the direct result of Liberal agenda anyway as their disapproval and overall outlawing of spanking has created a need for parents  to resort to other means.  The majority of them have taken to yelling in order to maintain obedience from their children.  Instead of raising children to be right in the first place, parents now have to correct the issues as they come up.

As it turns out, the easiest way to do this for a parent is to scream at their child to stop, threaten them (the good ol’ ‘Wait until your father gets home’), or insult them.  It appears that an unbeknownst circumstance has come at the hands of Liberals and is now resulting in even more damage that the demonized spanking.

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According to a study from the Child Development journal, “Harsh verbal discipline – defined as a parent yelling, cursing and hurling insults, such as calling the child dumb or lazy – is a common practice among American families with adolescents.”

Several tests have revealed that yelling isn’t only damaging to children, but its counter productive as a whole.  Children respond the first few times to yelling, but after a while, the dramatic effect leaves and children tune out their parents entirely.

A psychology professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, George Holden, explains, “The danger is that some negative and demeaning comments might slip out or it could impact the kids’ feelings about themselves or their self-worth or their self-esteem.”

Although this seems to be the result of a self induced problem through Liberal agenda, there has to be some give and take given to parents when it comes to disciplining their own children.  You can’t simply just take away the tools of parenting because a few people view it as wrong.

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There will always be those select parents prone to use excessive measures.  They physically abused their children which is why Liberals attacked spanking, and those that scream at their children often are causing more of the same. Taking into consideration the outcome of their last righteous crusade, maybe analyzing how to fix the issue would make more sense than just trying to take it away completely.

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