VIDEO: Courageous Firefighter Rescues Drowning Family Of Five

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A family of five was recently swept out to sea where they struggled to keep their heads above water.  Lucky for them, a firefighter was nearby on a jet ski, and was able to keep calm and collected while managing to rescue each and every one of them.

It appears as if the family got caught up in the rip tide and was taken several yards out into the deep White Beach, Bertioga ocean.  Family members were visibly struggling and fatigue was beginning to set in as they bobbed up and down in the water.

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All caught on a camera that firefighter Marcelo dos Santos was wearing, he is seen pulling up to the first few members of the family.  Upon slowing down, three of those striving to stay afloat clung onto the Jet Ski to save their lives.


In doing so, they ended up tipping the Jet Ski and threw Santos off and into the ocean.  He soon recovered and hopped back on while telling the others to hold on as he brought them into shore.  They followed directions and he dropped them off once they were in shallow enough water that they could walk the rest of the way.

He quickly turned around and zipped back out to the last two family members who were having an even harder time as more time had passed.  As Santos pulled up, he saw a woman on the verge of drowning as she plunged beneath the water line.

Still in his calm and collected manner, the firefighter leapt into the water and pulled the fatigued woman back up and swam her to the Jet Ski.  Placing her on a board that was attached to the back of the watercraft, he also helped a man who had made his way over and was gripping onto the front of the Jet Ski.

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After securing his passengers, he drove the Jet Ski, with family members in tow, right up onto the beach having successfully saved each of the five people. If it weren’t for the courage, cool headedness, and speed that Mr. Santos had exude, there may have been a few fatalities but thankfully that wasn’t the case.

The world sure could use a few more Marcelo dos Santos’ in it, couldn’t it? Let us know how this video made you feel by leaving a comment below!

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