Man Arrested And Taken To Jail For Saying The Word “Gun” On A Bus

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41 year-old Patrick O’Brien Nolin was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor after he mentioned a gun in a conversation with another passenger on board a bus.

The Oregon man was Charged with interfering with public transportation and booked into Multnomah County Jail on Tuesday after the driver of a TriMet transit bus heard him mention to another passenger that he was carrying a firearm then radioed for police.

Police were immediately dispatched to intercept the bus.

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As they were approaching the bus at the intersection of Northeast 82nd Avenue and Sandy Boulevard they received further information regarding Nolin telling them to proceed with caution because his firearms was “cocked and loaded.” Multiple officers approached the waiting bus to find O’Brien quietly sitting in his seat, they then took him into custody without incident even though not a single law had been broken.

A search of both Nolin and the entire bus didn’t turn up any firearms. Nolin later left the jail on his own accord.

TriMet regulations do say that nobody except for law enforcement is allowed to bring or carry any firearm, knife or any other instrument, article, device, material or substance specifically designed for, or attempted to be used to, inflict or cause bodily harm to another, however Oregon law states that only the state legislature is allowed to regulate who can and can’t carry a weapon and where they’re allowed to, which preempts TriMet regulations. Although TriMet regulations also state that any weapon that isn’t banned can’t be displayed in any manner that may instill fear into the other passengers, none of which even happened in this instance.

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This is nothing more than another insane over reaction with the anti-gun hysteria that’s been sweeping the nation. Here we live in a nation that has our Second Amendment rights secured by the law and a man is arrested and charged with a bogus “crime” so that the insanity displayed by both the bus driver and the police could be justified, yet he didn’t even have a gun on him.

It’s worth talking about the fact that incidents like this have occurred across the nation as the anti-gun propaganda is ratcheted up by activist groups and fueled by politicians intent on stripping us of our natural rights. All over the country people are irrationally reacting to incidents as petty as a child making a gun shape with their fingers or eating their pastry into the shape of a pistol. In addition, more and more states are jumping on the anti-gun bandwagon and passing unconstitutional laws that severely restrict, if not completely gut, our Second Amendment rights.

What do you think, should people go to jail for simply saying the word “gun?” Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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