“Killer Clown” Rapes And Strangles 33 Boys, Buries Them Underneath His House

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Perhaps the most notorious, and definitely the most ruthless, of all serial killers went by the name of John Wayne Gacy. Later dubbed the “Killer Clown,” Gacy was solely responsible for the murder of 33 young boys and the rape of countless more.

Gacy’s criminal and demonic evolution began back in August 1967 where he raped the first of his endless victims.  Reportedly lured with the promise of pornographic material, Gacy liquored him up and persuaded the boy to perform oral sex on him.


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This became a pastime it seems for the subhuman creature as his practice defiled more and more boys until the first victim finally spoke out. In March of 1968, Gacy’s first sufferer went to his father and informed him what Gacy had done.

Soon enough, police arrived to arrest him where they subsequently charged him with oral sodomy.  Although initially denying it and even sending someone to beat and intimidate the father of the boy, Gacy was eventually found guilty of sodomy on December 3, 1968 where he was sentenced to 10 years in the big house.

Gacy however had other plans and quickly gained the reputation of the model prisoner and soon petitioned for parole just a year later.  In 1970, after only serving 18 months, the man was granted parole with a whole 12 months probation.


He was soon at it again luring boys into situations where they had no choice but to perform oral sex on him.  Somehow obtaining a police badge, Gacy used it, along with a police light on top of his car to impersonate a police officer, and ultimately intimidate boys willingly participate in the sex acts with him.

He was even, at one point, accused of forcing himself on a boy, but the charge was later dropped. During that time however, Gacy was maintaining his appearance as a model ex-con and upstanding citizen of the community.  He was also noted to participate at many events dressed as a clown to entertain children at charity events.

From there however, the man’s sick fantasies only progressed after picking up 15-year-old Timothy Jack McCoy from a local bus stop.  He initially gave him a tour of the area along with the opportunity to spend the night with the promise that Gacy would return him to the bus station in the morning.

According to Gacy, he was awoken during the night to find McCoy standing in the door wielding a knife.  Thinking he was going to be killed, he went on the offensive and attacked the boy by grabbing the knife and slamming his head against the wall.

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John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (March 17, 1942 ? May 10, 1994) was an American serial killer also known as the Killer Clown -- Mugshot

It should be noted that at first, McCoy put his hands up to demonstrate his nonthreatening intent, but on the way up, he caught Gacy in the arm with the knife and cut him.

He then kicked McCoy across the room, where the boy began to fight back and kicked Gacy in the stomach.  Soon however Gacy obtained the knife and stabbed the boy countless times until he was dead.

Gacy noted that afterward, he went out to the kitchen where he had found two place settings with a meal that McCoy had prepared for the two.  He was apparently only holding the knife that he used while cooking the meal.

Gacy also noted something a little more disturbing that happened during the course of the fight.  He stated that he had an orgasm and experienced a thrill that he had never felt before. Thus began the killing spree in which he murdered an additional 32 boys.  Police found 29 of which buried in his own crawl space.

After police found the bodies, Gacy wanted to, “clear the air” and admitted to everything.  Saying that he used either a board or tourniquet, the rest of his victims were all strangled to death while Gacy raped them.  Calling it his “rope trick,” he choked the boy’s noting that sometimes they would uncontrollably twitch for two hours after he released them.

Gacy was of course sentenced to death by lethal injection on March 12, 1980 for 33 counts of murder amongst other things, but his story doesn’t end there.  During his last years, he was known throughout the prison for his drawings and paintings.  As if he wasn’t creepy enough, he seemed to idolize his “killer clown” persona and it showed in his art work.

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Take a look at a few examples below:







In the end, Gacy admits that it was inevitable that he was caught, as it only went to complete his long term agenda of “destroying himself.”  Gacy took the last of his miserable breaths on May 9, 1994.

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