New Footage Shows No Plane Wreckage After 9/11 “Attacks” On Pentagon

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New, never before seen footage of the Pentagon during the 9/11 attacks has recently been released and is a bit unnerving.  The video seems to demonstrate, through the use of several angles, that a plane may not be the reason for the explosion that day.

Oddly, there is no plane wreckage in the video, of any kind, in or around the crash site.  Viewers would expect to see a variety of plane parts scattered about if what the government said was true.  On the contrary however, there are no distinguishable plane parts to validate the government’s account of the “attack.”


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There are several theories that line up with the new proof that suggests all of 9/11 was the elaborate plan of a false flag operation.  Instead, conspiracy theorists have come to speculate that in the interest of oil in the Middle East, the government set out to fabricate cause in order to initiate a war.

The theory is called the “no-planes theory” and implies exactly what the title suggests at face value.  Saying that there were literally no planes, just the presence of altered video feeds, conspiracy theorists say that the explosions were the result of pre-placed bombs, or a missile, all at the hands of the United States Government.

The no-planes theory is just about as old as the attacks themselves, but the emergence of this new video seems to give it significant weight.  The Pentagon is one of the most guarded buildings in the entire United States, and with that amount of security, comes countless CCTV cameras.  The only problem here is that the government has only released one grainy video of the incident that doesn’t provide an adequate angle to see much more than the explosion itself.

What we saw.
What we should have seen.

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There was however a hotel nearby that captured the explosion via one of its own surveillance cameras, but that footage was soon confiscated by Pentagon personnel. The theory goes on to suggest that the Pentagon was actually hit with a cruise missile sent from a nearby military ship off the coast.

This theory provides a vague alternative that when analyzed, seems more logical than if a plane were to have hit.  Take away the fact that no airplane wreckage was seen or photographed, the size of the impact was much too small to be the work of the alleged massive Boeing 757.


A photograph that was previously released also seems to echo these thoughts, as it shows an extremely small hole, in comparison to a commercial airliner, in the roof of the Pentagon that was still standing a full hour after the explosion.  Some suggest that a secondary explosion was set off to cover up all evidence of the cruise missile.


Put this together with eye witness accounts of others saying they didn’t see a plane, but were adamantly told by Military personnel that the building was hit by a plane almost to the point of brainwashing, and it begins to paint a questionable picture.

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It’s no mystery that the government has lied to the American people countless times before all while hiding behind the veil known as national security, but for something this big, there’s reason for concern. We have been warned on several occasions before not to take the government’s word at face value, and this is a time to do just that.

Let us know what you think in a comment below.  Did a plane actually hit the Pentagon, or is there little actual proof to suggest that?

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