Facebook To Soon Impose New Rules Banning Pro-Gun Pages And Discussions

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It appears as if Facebook has teamed up with two anti-gun groups to further infringe upon the free speech rights of people on the social media giant.

The two groups, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action, have been pressuring Facebook to censor any fan page related to firearms and according to reports Facebook has agreed to review their policies and make the changes that have been demanded.

Although this shouldn’t surprise anyone in the least considering Mark Zuckerburg, who’s the owner of Facebook, is a known liberal and more than likely empathizes with the founders of the two groups.

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Moms Demand Action has recently teamed up with Mayors Against Illegal Guns to beat the anti-gun drum in harmony across the nation. What’s funny is the founder of MDA, Shannon Watts, was a paid lobbyist prior to forming her “advocacy” group that does nothing more than spread lies and anti-gun propaganda across the nation in an effort to appeal to people’s fears of firearms. She’s no more concerned with the truth than any other progressive and its evident in the fact that as soon as you make a comment on her MDA Facebook page that contains any sort of common sense at all you’re immediately banned from ever posting there again.

MDA publicly partnered with billionaire Michael Bloomburg’s MAIG group back in December and together they have been putting intense pressure on Facebook for the rule changes that undoubtedly will result in the banning of any gun-related talk whatsoever. An insider in the talks said that they’ve been “progressing” and that agreements have been made that are awaiting disclosure.


Even more frightening about MDA and MAIG’s intentions is the fact that a mayor from the state of New York who used to be a part of nanny Bloomburg’s group disclosed what their real goal is.

John C. Tkazyik, who’s the mayor of Poughkeepsie, NY said that “It did not take long to realize that MAIG’s agenda was much more than ridding felons of illegal guns,” he then added that “Under the guise of helping mayors facing a crime and drug epidemic, MAIG intended to promote confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens.”


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Shannon Watt’s propaganda group has also recently released a video full of lies that was intended to “shame” Facebook into prohibiting its members from publicly posting pictures of firearms and for allowing them to sell guns through the site, even though it’s perfectly legal to use it as a medium in order to advertise in most every state.

Facebook has a long history of going after pro-gun pages, and I speak from experience in this matter. Late in 2013 I ran a page that legally promoted gun rights and occasionally we would have fundraisers for various veterans groups where we would give away a rifle to someone.

We followed all state and local laws regarding the fundraisers and all firearms were transferred via a licensed FFL in the town in which the winner resided. However in spite of our following the rules our page was permanently removed from Facebook due to “repeated” Terms of Use violations, which we were never notified of. I woke up one day to a notification that the page had been unpublished and that was the end of the road for me, the other administrators on the page, and the nearly 100,000 followers that we had and it was all because they didn’t like our pro-gun position, not because we broke any specific rules.

Our page was only one of countless stories of pro-gun pages that were taken down because of Facebook’s obvious liberal bias and I can assure you that it wasn’t the last. The latest push from MDA and MAIG should be enough to scare anyone who believes our right to free speech should extend even across social media platforms and not be restricted because of flawed ideology that people like Watts and Bloomburg try to force upon everyone else.

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