Putin Preparing For War With Ukraine

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According to recent reports, Russia has ordered that Ukrainian forces within Crimea surrender by 5 a.m. or else face a military “storm.”  Russian officials have publicly spoke out calling these claims inaccurate and have referred to them as “complete nonsense.”

Earlier today, Ukrainian officials spread panic throughout the world by saying that Russia had offered them the ultimatum to either surrender Crimea or face the fury of the Russian military.  Claiming that one of their anti-submarine ships had been blocked in a Crimean bay, they stated that Russia was making blatant threats toward Ukraine.

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Maksim Prauta, a spokesperson from within the Ukraine Defense Ministry, released the alleged official words of Russian commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Alexander Vitko that read:

“If they do not surrender before 5am (3am GMT) tomorrow, a real assault will be started against units and divisions of the armed forces across Crimea.”

Since that time it appears as if Russian officials have taken a stand to refute what they are calling false claims.  An unnamed representative from the fleet’s headquarters has even come forward to say that, “This is complete nonsense.”  They then took to pointing fingers right back at Ukraine.


According to the Russians, it is Ukraine that is trying to provoke a war by spreading rumors.  It appears as if Ukraine’s intentions were to preemptively strike at the soldiers already within their nation’s borders. The unnamed source also stated that, “We are used to daily accusations about using force against our Ukrainian colleagues. Efforts to make us clash won’t work.”

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Sparking heavy multi-national controversy, Putin as ordered the invasion of Russian military forces into Crimea’s borders.  They have also captured a ferry landing for a ship that travels its route from Russia to Ukraine.  This has riled up even more speculation as people are now suggesting that Putin is in fact intent on an invasion and has now prepared a way in which he can do so.


Putin relays however that his forces are there for nothing more than to protect Russian nationals that still live within the country.  As the nation is crumbling due to citizen unrest and an unseen coup d’état, Putin has expressed concerns for Russians that are trapped within Ukraine’s borders.

This however seems to be a weak excuse as literally zero Russian citizens have been targeted, hurt or killed during the crisis within Ukraine.

Instead, Ukraine would rather see the invading forces off their land and have taken to pleading with other nations in order to force Putin to leave via foreign relations.   Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, seems prone to agree.


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During a public statement he said, “What we want to see is a de-escalation rather than a continuation down the path that the Russian government has taken, violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of another country.”  He further suggested, “So we shall have to bring to bear diplomatic, political, economic and other pressures in order to make this point. That is the very clear message the whole world needs to send to the Russian government.”

As tensions continue to rise, it seems that both sides remain resistant to backing down.  We’ll just have to wait and see exactly what happens as both countries continue to flood supporting troops to Crimea.  Let us know what you think will happen by leaving a comment below!

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