Teen Records Himself Having Sex With Hot Pocket, Posts Video For The World To See

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A teen looking for internet notoriety stooped to new lows recently during his pursuit for fortune and fame.  Amongst other of his brilliant ideas, the teen set up a camera and began recording as he penetrated and had sex with a hot pocket.  After the act was completed, he posted the video on the internet for the world to view.

The teen, only identifying himself as VERSACEPOCKETS, let a reporter from First We Feast in on a couple secrets as to what motivated such a stunt.  Explaining that he only did it to gain more Twitter followers, he states it all boils down to publicity.

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Asked to go into detail about the intimate event, the teen conveys that his Hot Pocket of choice was that of the ham and cheese variety.  As the stunt initially started by trying to get followers on Twitter his demand for 420 re-tweets was fulfilled prompting his obligated performance.


After heating up the Hot Pocket, he soon discovered that it was too hot and describes that he put it in the fridge for a little while to cool off.  Soon however he discovered that without a condom the act would literally be too hot to handle.

He eventually completed what he set out to do and ended up putting the recorded video on Vine.  Vine is a new video sharing app that allows users to post videos online, the only catch is, they are all 7 seconds or less in length.


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Even being such a quick video, the reaction of viewers was quite diverse.  Some found the stunt extremely hilarious, while others found it obnoxious and disturbing. Either way, the teen did have a spike in popularity but this too was short as the video was quickly taken down from Vine.

hotpocket3 hotpocket1

Along with that, his Vine account was suspended, and he was also banned from Twitter as well as the page @hotpocket.

This isn’t slowing VERSACEPOCKETS, as he remains faithful to his cause for internet celebrity status.  The teen has also been known to violate, in the same manner, a box of brown-sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts, and even once glued his own pubic hair to his face in the name of fame.


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Giving a few last comments to reporters he explains that as he lives in New Hampshire, there’s not much to do and he is quite bored most of the time.  Along with this, it’s extremely cold and the Hot Pocket offered him a warm companion that he would have otherwise had to have gone without.  He even stated that he might do it again next winter.

What do you guys think of this guy – what is wrong with the younger generation? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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