VIDEO: North Korea Fears Invasion, Launches Two Scud Missiles

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SEOUL, South Korea — Officials in South Korea are saying the their neighbor to the north has fired two more short range missiles into the sea on Monday.

The launches came amid war games that the U.S. and South Korea are practicing and they flew roughly 310 miles prior to crashing into the sea.

The South Korean Defense Ministry says that the launches shouldn’t raise tensions any higher since they view it as a weapons test and as a protest the the military drills between the U.S. and S. Korea. Apparently North Korea thinks the drills, which are done annually, are the two nations preparing to invade them even though officials from both the U.S. and S. Korea deny the claims.

Last year the drills sparked higher tensions between the two nations for weeks and even led to North Korea threatening nuclear war and declaring that an armistice between the two nations that has kept the peace was null and void.

The last two launches come on the heels of reports from S. Korean officials that North Korea test fired four Scud missiles with a slightly shorter range into the northern seas last week.

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