VIDEO: DUI Nitwit To Officer: “I Smoke A Lot Of Pot”

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A video has hit the web showing a moron extremely high informing an officer of a little more than he should.  During the course of the exchange, he explains to the officer, “I smoke a lot of pot.”

Apparently having already been pulled over, the man is seen with an officer at the beginning of a field sobriety test.  As the officer talks with the man, who is high beyond knowing to keep his mouth shut in the interest of self preservation, the officer asks how much weed he smoked today.


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Incriminating himself, the nitwit relays that it was somewhere around “an eighth of weed,” to which the officer responds by asking whether or not that was a “typical day” for him.  Further implicating himself some more he says, “I guess, yeah.  I smoke a lot of pot.  I’m not going to lie.”

Showing just how high out of his mind the man really is (as if we couldn’t see already), when the officer tells him to place his hands out to the side for the first test, he does just that forgetting that his hands were the only thing keeping his pants up.  They subsequently drop to the ground prompting the officer to say, “pull up your drawers.”


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The video soon cuts out leaving the rest of the hilarious incident only to the imagination of viewers.

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