Cosmetic Surgery Addict: “I Have My Plastic Surgeon On Call At All Times”

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There have been a lot of reports lately about a new trend amongst the cosmetic surgery world, where women are striving to look like a Barbie doll. The case of Tel Aviv’s, Orit Fox, isn’t any different as she is not only addicted to getting that perfect look, but has her, “plastic surgeon on call at all times.”

The egotistical woman explained to reporters recently, “I like beauty. Visually, I look like Barbie, like a doll. Men love my body. It’s like a dream, a fantasy.” Fox gained international notoriety after a snake had bit her breasts during a photoshoot.

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During the incident, Fox was said to have been posing for cameras when the reptile became agitated. At that time, it turned and latched onto the woman’s breast shooting her straight into national notoriety.

Seeing how the experience caught on camera is the reason for her celebrity status, she now views the incident as more funny than anything else. She told reporters, “It was so funny and amazing. The snake bit me on the breast and now the whole country talks about my breast!”

Her fame has since trickled out of the boundaries of her country as the video made its way around the web eventually going viral. Even more publicity was given to the woman after rumors began circulating saying the snake soon after died from the silicone in her implants.


Fox however refutes the claims saying, “There was a rumour that the silicone killed the snake, but he survives. It didn’t do damage. It’s like a cat scratch. It was one month I had scars from the snake.”

Diverting her attention back to her plastic surgery she insists, “I cannot stop this obsession to my beauty. It’s not healthy, it’s unhealthy. Four times I do surgery to my breasts. I do silicone in the face.”

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She relays that her only focus in life is to remain young, at least appearance wise, saying, “Sometimes I feel an empty spot in my face and I fill with silicone. My teeth… I ask for the most white they have.” She further argues her point by saying, “I think I’m more beautiful now because I keep my beauty. It’s very important to keep my beauty.”


Fox has been under the knife and needle so many times that she was even once featured on the show, “200 Nips and Tucks and I Want More.” The title of the show accurately represents Fox as she claims that she’s so addicted that she keeps her, “plastic surgeon on call all the time.”

Why? For those times when she’s feeling down in the dumps, or just ugly in general of course. She explains to reporters, “If I have a bad day, I run to Dr Klein to see if he can do me something to make me happy. If I feel sad, I feel ugly. It’s in my head.”
Anytime she’s feeling this way, she just goes running to her surgeon, Dr Klein, who is more than willing to try to help. Giving her a shot of silicone in the face in order to fill up a wrinkle is common practice for the doc in regards to Fox as she comes in extremely frequently.

Of course being that it makes for a steady income, the Dr. Klein is more than willing to oblige saying, “Whenever she spot a wrinkle in the mirror, she is coming. She doesn’t want wrinkles, she hate wrinkles, so we do everything so she is happy.”

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Asked what her long term, ideal goal was to look like, she simply stated that she’d be more than ecstatic to look like Sophia Loren at her age.

What do you guys think – does this woman need to get a grip? Let us know in a comment below!

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