Memphis News Anchor Sheds Her Wig On Live TV To Raise Awareness For Breast Cancer

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One Memphis, TN news anchor and breast cancer survivor did something very brave to raise awareness for her illness.  Pam McKelvy was well-known for her signature hairstyle.  She claims that many Memphis residents would even notice her hair before they recognized her.  Her hair was her “crown of glory”, just as it is to many other women.  But when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, that all changed.


Ten days after starting chemotherapy, all of Pam’s hair was gone, leaving her completely bald.

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When McKelvy, a former Miss America finalist, chose to show the world the effects of her cancer, she removed her wig on live TV to reveal her natural hair, which is steadily growing back.  She decided to go with the natural look after much reflection on the things we do in the name of “beauty”.

McKelvy said:

“No more relaxers for my hair.  I made my choice because I thought about the message I send to young women about confidence and self-acceptance.  I want everyone to know, no matter what you go through, it’s not about what’s on the outside, it’s how you feel on the inside.  I am so grateful to God to be here.”


McKelvy’s story is emotional and truly inspiring, not just for those who have battled cancer, but also for young women all over.  Her message is that being yourself is more important than trying to fit the mold of what is socially acceptable.  We wish this brave woman all the best in her recovery.

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