VIDEO: Fight Breaks Out At Opera Ball With Kim Kardashian In Attendance

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Kim Kardashian recently attended the Vienna State Opera Ball, which is noted for its elegance and upscale attendees along with excellent taste and unmatched elegance, except for this year.

The event made news when a fight broke out between two men brawling like they were in high school rather than it’s attention to detail and delicious cuisine.


The fight broke out while the guests were mingling about the Austrian capital’s Opera House drinking champagne and munching on hors d’ oeuvres. An older gentleman, who appeared to be in his 60’s, and a gentleman in his 40’s started scrapping after shouting at each other and waving their fists in the air.

The older gentleman attempted to land a right hook on the younger man’s jaw and missed, but the younger man quickly countered and caught the older man on the lower jaw, without ever spilling a drop of champagne from the glass in his other hand. The old man suffered a nasty cut on the bottom of his chin as a result, which bloodied up his expensive suit and stained his bright white button-down.

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Kardashian wasn’t anywhere near the brawl when it happened, however. She was reportedly off mingling with the 83 year old billionaire who paid her $500,000 to attend the ball as his arm candy.

Her night would be short lived though, as one of the ushers of the event made an insulting remark about her fiance, Kanye West, which caused her to storm out of the ball. He reportedly came up to her with a “black face” and make snide remarks about the rapper. This was after she had refused to have a dance with the man, some date right?

Her date had some words of his own about the young reality star and told reporters she wasn’t doing what he had wanted in spite of her high price to play nice.


‘Kim is annoying me because she’s not sticking to the program,’ he said.

Pictures from the fight show the older gentleman eager to show off his new battle scars with blood dripping from his chin. The cut was apparently caused by a ring that the younger man was wearing that punctured his skin.

It hasn’t been reported who the two men were who got into the altercation, however by the end of the night they were all everybody was talking about.

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