New Evidence Reveals That Building 7 Was Brought Down Through Intentional Demolition During 9/11 Attacks

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A new movement is sweeping the nation called “Rethink 9/11” strongly urging Americans to reconsider the events of the 9/11 attacks.  They have presented a variety of suspicious truths that suggest that maybe this was a well planned and orchestrated false flag operation rather than a terrorist attack.

Ben Swann recently hit the streets of NYC in order to get a more accurate picture of exactly what the movement hoped to portray.  “Rethink 911” consists of over 40 truther organizations that have come together in support of the idea.

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Amongst his findings, Swann revealed that a coalition of over, “2,000 professional architects and engineers from around the world,” have come forward to refute the claims laid before the American people by National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST.

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According to NIST, there was a third tower that fell amongst the chaos of the 9/11 attacks.  Named Building 7, the information available states that the building, close to the World Trade Center buildings, caught fire.  That fire spread throughout the entirety of the building lighting everything within on fire.

The NIST statements relay that the heat of the fire caused so much damage that parts of the building began degrading and eventually pulled an “unsecured” support beam off its sitting.  This in turn brought the entire building down, but many don’t believe the real answer is so simple.

Swann soon interviewed one of the over 2,000 professionals, Tony Szamboti, a mechanical engineer, in order to get his take on the issue.  Of course, supporting the truther conspiracy, he conveys that there is no way, nor has it ever been demonstrated as such in the past, that a building has naturally fallen in such a controlled manner.

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He states that the simple dislodging of the support beam, column 79, would only result in a partial collapse where the building would literally tear in two as the rest of Building 7 was still supported by other beams.

Supporting his claims, it appears as if NIST was intentionally falsifying information as their initial claim stated that column 79 was unsecured.  After years of waiting for the result of a document requested under the Freedom of Information Act, blueprints reveal that this also, was not the case.

Column 79 was secured to its sitting making it literally impossible for the column to just “slip” from its base.

Swann lastly talked to the unfortunate father, Bob McIlvaine, that had lost his son who was unexpectedly at the WTC during the attacks. After explaining that his son wasn’t supposed to have been at the Twin Towers at the time, unlike many other families, authorities were able to find parts of his son, and was able to bury him.

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This all took place after a full medical autopsy was completed in which they mysteriously found his son, Bobby, was killed by some kind of explosive force.  All burns to his body were postmortem ruling out the idea that he was near where an airplane struck the tower.

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Add this to the fact that Bob called and talked to a firefighter that responded to the attacks who stated that for some strange reason, all the glass in the building was blown outward.  Along with this, the elevator doors had been blown off the hinges as well leaving the only plausible speculation to state that there were explosives in the building before the attacks.

In all, “Rethink 9/11,” puts forward a variety of hard hitting, and almost irrefutable proof that the government wasn’t, and still isn’t, being honest with the American people.  What do you think?  Could there be some truth behind the conjecture that the government was responsible for the “attacks”?  Let us know what you think in a comment below.

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