13-Year-Old Wanna-Be Thug Accidentally Shot And Killed While Playing With Guns, Posting Pics To Facebook

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In a series of highly suspicious photos a young black boy is seen taking pictures of himself and friends holding several guns, wads of high value dollar bills, and even smoking weed. Just hours later, one boy was accidentally shot by his friend as they continued playing with the weapons long after the photo shoot.

Cartrail Robertson, 13, was hanging out with a few of his friends and thought it would be cool to post a few pictures of them in an attempt to appear tough. Some of the images started out less threatening as they showed a wad of 50 and 100 dollar bills. They soon escalated to drugs where Robertson was seen smoking one on the couch.


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Apparently the idea that guns would make the 13-year-old wanna be gang banger and friends look tougher than they actually were. Soon a variety of images hit the web showing the access to an apparent arsenal to different guns. Showing an array of weaponry readily available for the boy’s to access, they are seen with a diversity of handguns.

At one point the immature youth broke the first rule of gun safety and pointed it at one of his friends, lucky for him, this time it didn’t go off. They were able to successfully take a picture and is still posted as the young mans profile pic.

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It wasn’t long until the “fun” got out of hand and one of the guns accidentally went off. Apparently still playing , the bullet struck and killed young Robertson. The boy holding the gun was the same one in the photo having pointed it at another of his friends previously that night.

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That 15-year-old friend now sits behind bars being charged with reckless homicide. Unable to change the photo, the youngsters ignorant acts are still displayed for the world to see.


Since the apprehension of the boy that had accidentally shot his friend, they have now labeled the case as “closed.” They are currently diverting their attention and resources into figuring out how the boys were able to get their hands so easily on guns, that amount of cash, and the drugs.

Upon further investigation into the pictures posted leading up the events of the night, they noticed that they boy’s portrayed a “thug life” ordeal. That being said there are several more photos and posts not necessarily relevant to the night but show more of the same behavior.


In the photos depicts Robertson and friends displaying a series of gang hand symbols. Along with this is another picture of Robertson with a bottle of alcohol in his hands with the caption reading, “am gettin money on hoezz y u smokein ya life away.”

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Other posts reveal the ideals of the teens like this one for instance, “time tah get mehh another 45th’ with the hashtag of ‘shooter.” He also eerily predicted his own fate with this previous 2014 post reading, “In am lettin bulletts spkky…..Murder!!!.”

It seems Robertson’s life ended early, yet inevitably. What do you think? Let us know in a comment below!

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