“I Got High”: Obama Initiates New Racially Biased Program To Help Troubled Black Youth

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Standing atop a pile of race cards, Obama recently held a press conference, backed by his usual child props, in order to spout his newest racially motivated initiative. Claiming that once again he see’s himself in the troubled black youth, he brazenly stated, “I got high,” as he announced a new program to benefit minority kids.

Starting out his speech by playing the violin, Obama explains, “I made bad choices. I got high, not always thinking about the harm it could do. I didn’t always take school as seriously as I should have. I made excuses. Sometimes I sold myself short.”

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The statements came with the intention to announce his newest program dubbed My Brother’s Keeper, “which plans to strengthen efforts in creating more opportunities for young black and Latino men.”


Explaining that the men that he is proposing to support are consistently doing worse claiming the “odds are stacked against them,” Obama is vowing to remedy this. My Brothers Keeper is said to improve conditions that are keeping these minority children–specifically blacks–imprisoned by society.

Imagine if a white President had made the initiative to help only white children. Could you imagine the outrage of the Liberal mainstream media? The bias that allows Obama to get away with almost anything is astounding.

The fact of the matter here isn’t that society is imprisoning them, but their predecessors and even Obama for that matter. These imprisoned children, that are labeled as troubled, are likely to have turned out in the way they are as a result of their parents and the society in which they live.


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Creating legislation such as this, directly targeting black individuals, not only should be considered unnecessary, but disrespectful. Instead however it seems otherwise as Obama continued his speech saying, “By almost every measure the group that’s facing some of the most severe challenges in the 21st century in this country are boys and young men of color.”

Turning issues into a race thing seems to be Obama’s only strong suit when it comes to passing legislation. He should however see that legislation such as this, only go to imprisoning those in which he aims to help stay imprisoned through government dependency.

The only way in which Obama could positively turn the situation for the youth he intends to help would be over the time span of generations. You would effectively have to create a different atmosphere in which these troubled youth are growing up in.


Obama however claims that he has lined up investors who have promised 200 million dollars over the next five years. He has also relayed to the media that this initiative will be continued long after his presidency is over.

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Obama’s seems unlikely to do any good long term outside of a select few that may manage to attribute some success to the program. Many view it as just another way to help “Obama’s people” and to gain some popularity in the polls.

What do you think–is Obama doing any real good? Let us know in a comment below.

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