VIDEO: Man BRUTALLY Beats Bus Driver, Yells “Is That Real Blood? Let Me Taste It”

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In a shocking new video that is going viral, a bus driver is seen in a confrontation that turns physical after demanding a passenger get off the bus. The situation soon becomes violent and the bus driver is subjected to an extremely brutal assault.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon on a Olympia, Washington bus that was making its rounds. Apparently sick of the passenger’s vile language, the driver, Robert Weigelt pulled over the bus and demanded the man, Kiel Duggins, immediately get off.

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The situation immediately turned confrontational as Duggins started spouting for Weigelt to hit him in the face and explaining exactly what he would do if the situation came to be. Weigelt was quick to dismiss the suggestion saying that he wasn’t going to hit him but was adamant on getting Duggins off the bus.


The confrontation soon moved to the front of the bus where the argument got even more heated. Soon the two were screaming just mere inches away from each other’s faces. Duggins once again urged Weigelt to hit him saying, “If you hit me in the face, we will fight to the death.”

Weigelt once again dismissed the idea but said that if Duggins laid hands on him he would be forced to defend himself. It wasn’t long until the bus driver’s patience wore thin causing him to use more drastic means. Placing his hands open palmed on Duggins chest, Weigelt gave a little shove hoping to influence the man off the bus for good.


This proved to have an adverse effect as it opened the doors to what Duggins apparently thought was justification to an all out assault.

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Watch the entire incident here:

It seems that Duggins knocked Weigelt unconscious within the first few swings sending his limp body into the seats. This has been furthermore verified as after Weigelt relayed that he didn’t remember much of the beginning of the assault. This didn’t stop Duggins though as he mercilessly continued to beat the driver’s face.


Duggins then disturbingly shouts, “You bleeding? Is that real blood? Let me taste it!” It is unclear on whether or not he actually ingested his victims blood.

Another rider, River Nason, soon came to the aid of the helpless man trying to pull the assailant off the defenseless driver. Nason later explained to reporters that during the incident, he was thinking, “If this guy doesn’t stop he’s going to do some serious damage to this guy. There’s no way I’m going to be a witness to a murder.”


Other passengers just sat and watched the entire incident, though one later called 9-1-1.

Duggins continued to further taunt his victim saying, “Your kingdom will fall! You’ll pay! Your blood is all over.” He then, finally, exited the bus.

Police found Duggins just two hours later and arrested the man. Weigelt suffered two black eyes and a broken nose from the incident.


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Although bus drivers are said to be prepared and trained to deal with violent passengers, Ed Bricker with the Transit Union explains that, “the attack is worse than anything he’s seen.”

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