Korn Frontman Calls Obama A Dictator, Says It’s Time For America To Wake Up

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TMZ recently caught up with the lead singer from Korn while the band made a stop at LAX.  What the rocker had to say will definitely surprise you.  Korn frontman, Jonathan Davis, was asked by reporters about his band’s new music video for “Spike In My Veins”, which contains all sorts of clips of celebrities notoriously in the press for their ridiculous antics.  Davis’ response was unexpected, to say the least.  He told TMZ that all the stunts pulled by Miley Cyrus and other stars like her are really just a cover up for what Barack Obama is doing behind our backs.  He even gives the example of the President signing a bill that would allow him to imprison any citizen for any amount of time for no reason, while the media was tirelessly reporting Miley’s latest tweaking escapades and ignoring the much bigger issue; namely, Obama signing away our freedom.

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What do you think of Davis’ comments to TMZ?  Is he right on the money?  The mainstream media is making him out to be totally insane, as is to be expected.  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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