Obama Using EPA To Create Civil Uprising, Declare Martial Law

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The most vital resource that every developed nation depends on is energy. Ever since its discovery, societies across the globe have become increasingly dependent upon it as its been integrated into our daily lives and become the foundation for the civilized world. We depend on it for even the most mundane tasks like keeping a date on a calendar or washing our dishes after dinner, as well as the most crucial functions like heating our homes and powering our cities which makes the efforts made by the EPA to stifle its production an attack on not only our economy, but our everyday lives.

Such act would be considered a declaration of war against us if done by another nation, yet the EPA has continually worked to prevent energy production through draconian regulation that’s nearly impossible for businesses to comply with, and in some cases has never even been commercially tested to find out if it will even work.

In recent years we’ve seen the regulatory burdens from the EPA increase at an alarming rate, and what started out as an agency that was intended to protect the nation’s environment and natural resources has morphed into a cumbersome Goliath that’s being used to push a green agenda which in turn stifles our economy.

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It was reported in September that the Obama administration intended to roll out new regulations via the EPA on coal-fired plants that would all but eliminate any new construction with them unless they met criteria where the investment in the technology would never yield the return that was desired.

Some would see this as an excellent step in helping to reduce so-called “greenhouse gas” emissions and help to counter global warming. However the majority of our nation’s energy comes from coal burning power plants and our nation’s energy demands are outpacing the the rate in which new power plants can be built. Coal is an inexpensive and efficient way to produce energy and has been in use for decades, on top of that America sits atop 27% of the world’s coal supply so it only makes sense that we would use it to keep up with our ever increasing energy demands.

The intent behind these regulations, of course, are to limit the production of carbon dioxide. Climatologists around the world have declared that carbon emissions are the number one cause of climate change, even though as more time passes we’re seeing that the science used isn’t exactly “settled.” Every regulation the EPA implements regarding energy production is based around limiting carbon emissions, which in turn limits the amount of energy can be produced.

According to estimates from the coal industry, EPA regulations have been responsible for hundreds of coal plants across the nation shutting down or intending on shutting down because they won’t be able to comply.

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“Already, EPA regulations have contributed to the closure of more than 300 coal units in 33 states,” said Laura Sheehan, spokeswoman for the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.

Alan Caruba, contributor of Accuracy In Media, and the founder of The Anxiety Center, which works to directly combat the propaganda and misinformation that the EPA has used to push its agenda say that he believes that this is intentional and that the ultimate goal of the EPA and its over regulation is the “destruction of the American economy.”
“What their regulations are intended to do is to make doing business, any kind of business, more expensive,” he explained. He said that with the other means of energy production there’s no way that our nation would be able to keep up with the rising demands if we continue to shut down coal plants, like has been happening.
Wind and solar currently only make up about 2% of our energy production and require expensive back up systems based on traditional production methods in order to be reliable, and the cost to cost and operate them far exceeds their carbon counterparts.
Caruba noted unemployment that hasn’t been at these levels since the Great Depression and said that the increasing regulation from the agency will only further increase it as jobs across the nation are destroyed and new jobs are never created within the energy sector.
He also warned that as energy prices continue to skyrocket from over regulation we’ll see an increase in tensions across the country and a greater possibility of civil unrest. Should this happen, he said, it will mark the end of the nation as we know it.

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