Houston Dumpster Diver Finds Newborn Baby Alive In Plastic Bag

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In a stomach churning story, a Houston man is responsible for saving a newborn baby that was inside a dumpster in a plastic bag. Despite the several ways women can safely get rid of children, there are still countless cases just like this where infants are being discarded like trash.

In an effort to combat what is referred to as infanticide, Texas, as well as several other states have made it possible for overwhelmed mothers to drop their children off at hospitals and fire houses. The children are then put up for adoption–a much better option than the alternative.

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During the recent months it seems that despicable cases like this are on the rise as mothers are willingly killing their offspring to unload the financial and mental burden that children bring–a worthless excuse. How placing another human, especially a child that you carried around for 9 months, in a plastic bag seems a reasonable option to free your newly obligated life seems beyond heartless and cruel.

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Sometimes it would be nice to see people who act in such a way dealt the same punishment that they inflicted on others–especially a defenseless infant.

It was about 8:30 in the morning when a man named Carlos was rummaging through the trash when he noticed something moving. At first he thought it was an animal, but upon further investigation he discovered it to be an infant wrapped in a plastic bag.

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He immediately called police who responded with EMT’s. According to Lifenews.com, “The baby was conscious and breathing. He was taken to a nearby medical center for assessment and treatment. Children’s Protective Services has been notified.”

Authorities are now on the hunt for the babies mother.

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