VIDEO: Living Nightmare: Family Denied Visitation To Son After Doctors Screw Up Meds

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An Alaskan family is living a nightmare right now after they were denied visitation rights to their son by a judge. Lorraine Bohn told KTUU-TV “I hurt — I cry every day and every night. It’s a nightmare,” when speaking about the government taking away her right to see 27 year old Bret Bohn while he’s hospitalized.

“It’s a nightmare that this even could be happening. I’m heartbroken, very heartbroken.”

Bret had nasal polyps removed in October, according to his mother. After the procedure he suffered from severe insomnia so she brought him to Providence Medical Center where doctors prescribed him medications and sent him on his way.


She said that following that hospital visit things changed for the worse, and quickly. Bret’s health deteriorated and he ended up having a seizure, at which point his family decided to take him back to the hospital to get checked out.

According to his mother, he wasn’t acting anything like he normally did after doctors there gave him different medications. She thinks it was that move that caused his condition to worsen. Bret was at this point unable to decide for himself what would be best and his parents wanted to do it for him. They reportedly asked for a change to his medical plan and a second opinion which ended up with them in a custody battle with the state, over their own son.

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Lorraine recalled with sadness her regret for bringing him in to begin with, “You know, I can’t help but to blame myself.”

They lost the custody battle and the judge ruled in favor of the state’s Adult Protective Services. Now 27 year old Bret Bohn remains a ward of the state which “helps to prevent or stop harm from occurring to vulnerable adults.”




According to Alaska’s APS website, “Alaska law defines vulnerable adults as a person 18 years of age or older who, because of incapacity, mental illness, mental deficiency, physical illness or disability, advanced age, chronic use of drugs, chronic intoxication, fraud, confinement, or disappearance, is unable to meet the person’s own needs or to seek help without assistance.”


Officials from Adult Protective Services refused to comment specifically on Bret’s case, however they would speak generally about their policies.


“We can’t just come in and take away somebody’s right and say, ‘That’s it,’” said Barbara Dick. “We have to take it to court and we have our state attorneys with us and we have to have the evidence to support that.”

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The hospital also refused to comment on the specifics of this case and would neither “confirm or deny” that Bret was even a patient, citing confidentiality laws within the state. However Mikal Canfield gave a generalized statement as well speaking to the hospital’s policies regarding guardianship and working with APS, saying “Health care providers are required by state law to make reports of harm to Adult Protective Services whenever they have reasonable cause to believe a vulnerable adult suffers from abuse or neglect.”

His statement also said that “Health care providers are permitted under state law, and required by their standard of care, to decline to comply with the direction of a surrogate if they determine that the surrogate is not abiding by the wishes, values, and best interest of the patient,” the hospital’s statement added, noting that they only restrict visitation to a patient “when that patient requests no visitors or when restricting visitation is medically necessary and in the best interests of the patient.”


The Bohn’s haven’t seen their son since Christmas of last year and continue to insist they only want what’s best for him. They’ll continue to fight the state and the hospital for what’s right for him and their family in spite of the court’s ruling.

A Facebook page called “Free Bret Bohn,”  has been created in support of the young man and shows individuals picketing demanding the 27-year-old’s release.


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