Professional Deadbeat Dad Has 25 Kids With 15 Women, Won’t Pay Child Support

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A disheartening story is making its rounds as a man with over 25 kids is gaming the system and neglecting his responsibilities. The deadbeat dad refuses to not only pay child support but see his children entirely.

His name is Terry Turnage and he is responsible for the production of 25 offspring with 15 different women. Apparently claiming that he has no money, this hardly seems to be the case.

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Turnage recently posted a picture on facebook showing him “sleeping” with an enormous stack of $100 bills. Along with this Turnage reportedly purchased a Cadillac Escalade and BMW back in 2008 and was able to pay each car off within the year–as if thats not a little fishy.

Along with this, the several mothers of the man’s children claim that he does, in fact, have more money than he’s leading on. Several of Turnage’s baby-mamas have alleged that he arrives in a different car every time they see him. Noting that he always has nice clothes as well, it was strange to see the man arrive in court wearing a beat up, paint stained hoodie and jeans–I wonder why.

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This however seems to be exactly how Mr. Turnage plays the game in order to get out of his financial responsibilities. As he explained to the judge, he has no income therefore can not pay the mothers of his children any form of child support.

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One could only be led to speculate that Turnage is involved in some form of illegal activity as, for even your highest paid working men and women, cars are usually paid off in about 5 years. Seeing how he managed to pay for two in one year, and inexplicably had a stack of $100 bills, there has to be something he isn’t quite being honest about.

Beside the speculation however, there isn’t much than can be done as some of the women he’s been obligated to pay were awarded just over a dollar every month–like that’s going to do anything. Along with this, Turnage already owes several of the women back child support, some as high as $27,000 and $36,000.

Undeterred to further hinder society, it is unclear on why women continued to sleep with the man as he undoubtedly developed quite the reputation. Not only knowing that wearing a condom wasn’t in his normal practice, knowing that he had 20-or-so other kids that he wasn’t providing for, you would think that would be enough to keep any woman’s legs closed around the man.

As for the burden he’s placed on the American people–there is no definitive answer. There’s no telling the countless of taxpayer dollars that have gone to support these women–or victims–in order to help financially provide for the deadbeats responsibilities.

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In a case like this, castration would seem most appropriate. If you can’t pay for the ones you have, you can’t have anymore.

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