UPDATE: Teacher Who Found Kindergartners “Having Sex” Now Facing Termination

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Yesterday we reported of a school teacher that was suspended because after finding two children naked and “having sex” in the bathroom and reporting it to the principal. It now appears that the school is seeking to terminate the woman fully for undisclosed reasons.

You can imagine the 15-year veteran teacher’s surprise when she opened the door to the bathroom to find two of her pupils naked. When asked what was going on, they simply stated that they were “having sex.” Demanding they put their clothes back on, the teacher, Kelly Mascio, went and phoned the principal who promptly contacted the authorities as well as the state Department of Youth and Family Services.

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For reasons still unknown, the school immediately placed the teacher on paid suspension while they carried out an investigation. They recently completed the investigation, yet Mascio is still on suspension despite no formal charges being filed.


The school now, for some reason, is seeking to fully remove the teacher from her position and is aiming at filing charges through the state in order to terminate her. It seems, more or less, that the school feels that Mascio displayed a certain sense of neglect when it came to her students–however, they haven’t yet fully come out and said just that.

Mascio has argued that in all reality, it was a busy week as she was single-handedly responsible for getting her students to complete state testing.  As she was shuffling kids in and out of the classroom all day, as well as observing students taking exams, she didn’t notice the children enter the bathroom.

Mullica Township Education Association President Barbara Rheault did relay that, “Originally they said it was failure to supervise her students.” However Rheault defended the teacher saying that Masci, “acted in a professional manner and responsibly reported the incident.”

It doesn’t seem that the school board feels that way though as, for undisclosed reasons, they’re pushing harder than ever to get the woman fired. Through a series of vague comments and closed-door meetings, the school board is keeping this one close to their chest.

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Superintendent Brenda Harring-Marro commented on the situation saying:

“The district takes its responsibilities very seriously regarding the health, safety and welfare of our children. Simply stated, it would be unprofessional and irresponsible for anyone associated with the school district to speak about school district students or for others to seek to capitalize on that unprofessional and irresponsible behavior.”

There is one major thing worth noting that seems to stick out from her extremely imprecise language. The general message seems to be that of intimidation threatening anyone who knows anything to keep quiet. If not, you will be regarded to as unprofessional and irresponsible–we wouldn’t want the whole truth getting out, now would we?

The superintendent goes on to add that the, “public reporting of this matter is neither complete nor accurate.” The funny thing about this is that her only proof of this is seemingly concealed behind the boards highly valued ethics policy in which they do not discuss personnel matters with the public.

The teacher isn’t going down without a fight however as it seems that only the board is aware of any wrongdoings on the teacher’s part. Rheault conveyed, “We question why the administration would forgo the disciplinary route available and taken one that is so severe.”

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Still only silence from the all-knowing and almighty board.

What do you think about the boards antics? Are they going too far? Let us know in a comment below!

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