VIDEO: Notorious “Food Stamp Surfer”: “I’m Not Gaming The System”

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Last night on the O’Reilly Factor’s “Watters World” segment, Jessie Watters caught up with the notorious “food stamp surfer dude” from California named Jason Greenslate. Greenslate has been living off of food stamps for years and about six months ago appeared on the Fox News channel as an exposé of the rampant abuse the system is open to because of lax guidelines.

Greenslate is an able-bodied, self-proclaimed musician who believes that one day he’ll make “millions” playing his guitar and singing, but for now he spends his time on the beach, chasing women and surfing while collecting nearly $200 a month in EBT benefits which he spends on things like lobster for dinner. I forgot to mention, he also drives a Cadillac Escalade.

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Between the year 2000 and 2013, federal expenditures for the food stamp program by the USDA has skyrocketed from $17 billion annually to $79.9 billion annually as guidelines became less stringent and more people like Greenslate qualified for the program. However Greenslate doesn’t see people like himself as a problem.

Watters caught up with Greenslate in San Diego to follow him around in his daily life. The interview was odd at best and Greenslate really gave an interesting perspective into the mind of someone like himself.

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He considers his “contribution” to society to be his music, which he plays locally on the beach and at various clubs around town.  “I bring smiles to a lot of people with my music,” he explained to Watters. He thinks that a lot of people may be “jealous” of his job because it’s “cooler” than theirs.

When asked about the nation’s debt Greenslate seemed perplexed and didn’t consider himself to be contributing to it. He explained that he doesn’t believe he’s gaming the system since he meets the qualifications for it. He actually was insulted by the question and felt that Watters was giving him the proverbial “slap on the hand” with a ruler like a teacher would by asking it.

Greenslate does have big plans for his music career however, and honestly believes he’ll be off of the food stamp program shortly.

“If everything’s planned out right, I should be off food stamps in a month,” he said to Watters with a look of content on his face.

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