Harvard Writer Demands Limitations Be Placed On First Amendment As It Threatens Liberalism

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In an extremely obnoxious request, a Harvard student has threatened the exact freedom that allows for her to speak freely. She explains that as the First Amendment threatens Liberalism, there must be restrictions placed on what is allowed to be said and what isn’t.

Of course anything pertaining to Liberalism or progressivism is, of course, acceptable, and is to be fully tolerated by anyone and everyone as it is, not offensive. Conservatism however, is going straight to the no-no list.

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Explaining that Conservative values instill a sense of inequality in us all, it is more or less toxic and needs to be treated as such. The idiocy here is laughable and the bias offensive.

However, the writer, Sandra Korn, seeks to further explain her lunacy as she describes her reasoning for her proposed limitations that will be placed on the very right that protects herself. She states, “If our university community opposes racism, sexism, and heterosexism, why should we put up with research that counters our goals?”

God forbid our “tolerant” friends to the right start practicing what they seek to mandate everyone to do. She continues by raving that we, “give up on academic freedom in favor of justice.”

This is the problem with America today–this is the exact problem. Liberalism is infecting our nation and with it has allowed for an army of educators that effectively brainwash the younger population to think that way with the threat that if they do not comply, they will be deemed incompetent or a bigot.

However, individualism is what made America great–it’s what Conservatives fight for, and whether Liberals like it or not, it is necessary. We, as a nation, are headed down a dark and dangerous path where the government is becoming better by the day and the evils of the world are being forced upon us.

Conservatives seek to keep America–as best we can–in the pristine condition that she once was in order to remain a respectable superpower. It would seem however that others have other intentions. In the struggle for equality, the sheep are being blinded to the fact that equality will only end in the destruction of American ideals.

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First we’ll make everyone equal–anyone can marry anyone. You want to marry your dog–why not? Then we have to put everyone on the same ground in terms of defense–lets take away the guns. After all, the police are there to protects us and can flawlessly do so.

Lastly, in the fight to make everyone equal, we enact total income equality where everyone makes the same whether you’re a surgeon or a mom on welfare. Add to this, Ms. Korn’s ridiculous idea to limit free speech and the freedom of religion, and where do we stand?

Definitely not in a Republic anymore.

We stand in a dystopian land where the government controls everything and the citizens are required to do nothing more than obey. Speak out against the government, you die. Rebel, you die.

This dark path doesn’t just end in the middle of the forest somewhere. Its a slippery slope that gets deeper and steeper as we go along, until one day, there is no turning back. Liberalism is surely a path to destruction, yet Conservatives–the ones that seek to keep our principles the same and are responsible for the success of our nation–are demonized as being intolerant?

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Feel free to read Ms. Korn’s letter in its entirety here.

The only limit to free speech that we need is for incompetent Liberals to think before they speak.

What do you think–could Liberals potentially limit the First Amendment making Conservative ideals illegal one day? Let us know in a comment below!

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