VIDEO: Boy Drowns In Sewage Tank After Throwing In Firecracker And Igniting Methane

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A couple of mischievous friends were playing around recently and thought it would be a good idea to throw a firecracker into a sewage tank.  After lighting the firecracker and throwing it in, the explosion ignited the methane within the tank.  Shortly after the explosion, one of the boys fell in resulting in his death by drowning.

All caught on tape, the two pranksters wait for passerby to get far enough away before dropping the firecracker in through a hole in the manhole cover.  What happened next, the boys couldn’t have imagined in their wildest dreams.

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The tiny bang from the firecracker ignited the methane in the tank resulting in an enormous explosion.  The resulting boom sent the two manhole covers on the tank flying into the air.  If you look closely, you can see the second manhole cover fly upward into a parked car overhead resulting in the car lifting off the ground.

The other manhole cover is clearly seen flying through the air smacking one of the children in the face on the way up.  Sending the boy flying, he lands on his back, but quickly gets to his feet in effort to flee the immediate area.  Seeing how it was a violent–yet quick–discharge, he soon returns to check on his friend.


It is unclear when, or how, the boy fell into the manhole opening, but sure enough he did.  Not being able to stay afloat in the thick sewage, he drowned, as the more he fought the more the vacuum pulled him under.

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Police were soon to respond but it was too late.  The boy’s corpse was retrieved by emergency personnel and pronounced dead on the scene in front of his heartbroken mother.

Authorities are said to be monitoring the area for any signs of methane exposure.

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