VIDEO: Obama Takes Over Late Night TV To Push Agenda


February 24, 2014 11:52am PST

As more and more young people turn away from corporate media to get their news the political machine in Washington is running out of avenues in which to spread its state-sponsored propaganda. Polls are showing that ratings are plummeting amongst young viewers on all the major networks so the administration is having to turn to late night talk shows to get its message out, enter Jimmy Fallon.

With Obama increasingly using executive fiat to run the nation as if he’s a dictator, he needs as many avenues as possible in order to help massage his message to the young people who are skeptical of such tyranny so the administration is soliciting late night hosts.

Fallon just stepped in to fill the shoes of Jay Leno who  hosted the Tonight Show for nearly 20 years and it’s remained somewhat of a mystery why he was replaced when he enjoyed continuously high ratings. Most people have speculated, and probably correctly, that Leno was booted off the air because of his increasingly vicious attacks on Obama and his administration. when you consider that Jimmy Fallon is a notorious Obama supporter, that theory begins to hold a lot of water.

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One of Fallon’s first actions as the new host was to have Michelle Obama on to talk about Obamacare. Fallon didn’t challenge her at all and even talked about how the president booked himself to come on the show. It’s hard not to believe that with NBC being a heavy democrat donor that Fallon wasn’t put there to help spread Obama’s agenda and soften him up to the young demographic he enjoys. Fallon is serving as nothing more than another White House spokesman whenever they may need it.

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Add to this that Politico and others have been reporting that this is part of the changing politics of late night TV and there’s more of it to come. As time passes we’re seeing more frequent appearances by Obama and other democrats on these shows to push their agenda and sway America’s youth into being on their side.

Granted, democrats already have favorable opinions from many young Americans, but with an increasingly agitated older electorate that’s turning on their agenda of suppression they’re going to need all the help they can get.

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