British Mouthpiece Piers Morgan Admits His Anti-Gun Rhetoric Cost Him His Job

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It was recently announced that Piers Morgan’s nightly show on CNN is being cancelled as early as March of this year and while the network itself hasn’t commented on why exactly they think Morgan’s ratings have been in the tank, he did provide us with some insight and it’s what we’ve known all along.

Morgan has seen his rating steadily decline ever since he took over for Larry King three years ago. His February 18 show only had 50,000 viewers in the 18-54 range which is horrible in comparison to his counterparts on other news stations.

In an interview with David Carr from the New York Times Morgan said that he knows it’s been his relentless push for gun control that has caused his ratings to fall, saying “Look, I am a British guy debating American cultural issues, including guns, which has been very polarizing, and there is no doubt that there are many in the audience who are tired of me banging on about it.” He admitted this because he’s recently been interviewed by police in connection with a phone hacking scandal and wanted to reassure people that his show being cancelled had nothing to do with it.

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He enjoyed a temporary spike in ratings after Alex Jones appeared on his show in early January and used it as an opportunity to push even harder on gun control which was likely the cause for the plummet.

Poll after poll shows that Americans are less trusting of media mouthpieces that only seem to repeat the talking points coming out of Washington. A Recent Gallup poll shows that just 23% of people actually trust the corporate media as credible which has wreaked havoc on their ratings.

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In addition to the distrust of corporate media, Americans also strongly support the Second Amendment and have no interest in giving up their guns regardless of who tells them to, especially a limey Brit with an attitude problem.

One thing Morgan, and his host network CNN, underestimated is America’s love for our liberty and our patriotism. We don’t like people coming to our country and telling us to change our laws to suit their needs and that’s something that they should have thought of.

Rather than promoting the suppression of rights and tyrannical ideas, had they supported freedom and ways to expand it I would be willing to be they would have seen a vastly different result with Morgan.

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