California Man Has His Firearms Confiscated Over Unrelated 34-Year-Old Pot Possession Charge

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A Bakersfield man has had every single one of his 18 firearms confiscated by police due to a drug charge on his rap sheet from 34 years ago.  Mike Merritt had a pot possession charge back in 1970, which led police to his name in their criminal database.  Then they cross-referenced his name against registered gun owners and – voila! – no more guns for him!  Merritt says that the possession charge was so long ago and so insignificant that he doesn’t even remember it.

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Senate Bill 950 established the Armed And Prohibited Persons System.  The objective of the bill is to cross-reference gun owners with the long list of people that the government deems “unsafe” to possess a firearm.  This is anyone who has ever been convicted of a felony, violent misdemeanor, had a domestic violence restraining order against them, or is deemed to be mentally unstable.  In other words, if nature calls and you just can’t hold it, make sure no one is watching when you duck behind a bush to relieve yourself, because that’s a felony, so no more guns for you.  If you and your spouse get into it one night and you throw a dish towel, say hello to a restraining order and goodbye to your guns.  You can also kiss your firearms goodbye if your therapist prescribes you a mild anti-depressant to get through the loss of a loved one.  Currently, there are some 20,000 California residents on this list of “unsafe” gun owners.  You might even be one of them without knowing it.

Jeffrey S. Chiesa

Karla Merritt, Mike’s wife, tried to tell police to leave their residence and come back with a warrant, but they threatened to arrest her husband if he didn’t give up his guns.  Apparently, all officers needed to make the confiscation of Merritt’s guns legitimate was a print out of his 34-year-old drug charge.  But as it turns out, even bogus paperwork will suffice for this task force.  Merritt’s guns were returned to him just days later after police discovered that they had the wrong paperwork and his previous felony drug charge had been reduced to a misdemeanor.  Police say this type of epic failure doesn’t happen too often, but the real question is how the heck it happened in the first place.  Clearly, there are some major issues with their Armed And Prohibited Persons System.  Merritt was reassured by police that his name was taken off the list of persons too dangerous to own a firearm.  How nice.

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I’m sure there are about a thousand better ways that police could be utilizing their time (and our tax dollars) than to be hunting down harmless gun owners.  Did they get bored after hours of cramming down doughnuts and coffee and thought they’d go grab somebody’s guns?  The personnel and funding for this infringement of your Constitutional rights as been beefed up with a whopping $24 million dumped into the program in the past year.  Another little tidbit that the liberal media won’t tell you is that since the program started, 10,000 firearms have been confiscated from citizens.  This is just one more step in disarming the public so that the government will have complete control.  It’s also another great example of why not to register your firearms.

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