SHOCKING: Extremely Disturbing Footage Of What Really Happens During Late-Term Abortions

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This is what happens when a woman goes in for a late-term abortion consultation at Planned Parenthood.  The footage was captured by a woman who brought a hidden camera into the consultation.  WARNING: This has extremely disturbing content that is likely to be upsetting.  However, it is important to watch.  This should not be allowed to continue and the only way it will ever be stopped is if the public is privy to the information contained within.

This video has gone viral on Facebook.  It looks like even the most liberal feminist fanatics are having a hard time stomaching it, because the comments have been overwhelmingly in contempt of what Planned Parenthood is doing.  One woman posted, “I almost got sick”.  While another said, “This is awful”.  A man who was clearly affected by the video wrote:

“I agree that it is a woman’s right to have an abortion.  God gives us the freedom to chose right and wrong.  But they should serve time for murder because that is what it is.  As long as they are willing to go to jail for murder then they should have the right to choose, just like we all have the right to choose between right and wrong.  Then they will have to answer to God.  The doctors as well.”

Since seeing this video, I have not been able to wrap my head around the fact that women actually go through with this procedure.  It’s bad enough to have an abortion in the first place, but at 25 weeks?!  The only reason I can fathom that a woman would wait so long into her pregnancy to kill her baby is that maybe she had a hard time with idea of murdering her own child and so put it off until the very last minute.  This is still not a valid excuse.  And what about the doctors?  You’re telling me you went through eight years of medical school in order to destroy life instead of protect it?  How backwards is that?!  Maybe they’re the med school rejects.  The doctor in the video does make reference to the drugs used to induce infanticide as “medicine”.  Now, I’m no physician, but I do know that “medicine” makes you better – it doesn’t make you die.  Dr. Mercer, the homicidal baby killer in the video, also lies to her patients, telling them that a 23-week-old fetus bares no resemblance to a baby.


Planned Parenthood goes to great lengths to conceal what actually happens within their walls of death.  This is plainly evidenced by the female representative who blatantly lies to government authorities in the video.  She claims to have absolutely no idea what would happen if a baby was yanked from it’s mother’s womb and placed on the operating table still alive.  But the video makes no mistake of the fact that live babies are just left to die – Planned Parenthood doctors do not resuscitate them.  This is no different than someone visiting an emergency room and doctors just watching them die, refusing to resuscitate them.  The Planned Parenthood rep also claims to have no idea how often it actually happens that they just allow infants to die on the operating table.  Really?  How could any medical professional watch a baby die, knowing full well that they could have at any time saved it’s life, and just brush it off?  Those sociopaths know exactly how often they have to watch a baby die – they’re just too messed up in the head to acknowledge it or report it.


What is your reaction to this heinous video?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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