13 Year Old Throws Snowball, Gets Felony Assault Charge

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(Chicago) A 13 year old boy has been arrested after allegedly throwing a snowball that hit a cop in the arm. The boy claims he was wrongly accused of throwing the snowball, which he says hit the car and not the cop.

It happened at around 3:30PM Wednesday in the 4900 block of West Congress Parkway, which is roughly a half of a mile from the boy’s school.

The police report stated that the snowball contained chunks of ice and it hit the officer directly in the arm. The boy was then taken into custody and charged with aggravated battery to a peace officer. He was charged as a minor for the incident which the boy claims he was wrongly accused of.

“It made me mad,” said the eighth-grader, who is facing a felony charge of battery to a police officer.  “He (the officer) said the snowball hit him but it hit the car, not him.”

The boy claims to have been standing in a crowd of about 15 other students when the incident occurred and that someone else, not him threw the snowball in question. Reports say that the school dean and a security guard both witnessed the alleged assault and singled him out but neither were available for comment.

“He kept trying to tell the officer that he didn’t do it but they didn’t believe him,” the boy’s mother said.  “He was standing on the corner, there was a whole crowd of kids. It’s so crazy.”

His mother then said that the officer called her to explain what had happened “He got on the phone and was saying (her son) threw a snowball at the car and the officer was in the car.”

The boy has no prior records stating he’s ever been a problem and he currently is on a 5 day suspension due to the school’s zero tolerance rules.

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