Michelle Obama Makes Fool Of Herself On TV While Peddling ‘Lets Move’


February 21, 2014 2:59pm PST

During a not-so-funny attempt at trying to incorporate Michelle Obama’s miserable “Let’s Move” campaign into the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the former SNL cast member and First Lady put on a skit for audience members.  Joined by Will Ferrell, they portrayed teenage girls in an attempt to get people saying “ew” to junk food.

During the beginning of the show where Michelle appeared as a guest, the three set out to promote the First Lady’s campaign.  In all reality, it wasn’t that funny but more of a transparently pathetic attempt to shove another one of the Obama’s failed legacies down the throats of any and all Americans.

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During the skit, the three began speaking about the Olympics and how Michelle loved to ice skate.  In full teenager persona, Will Ferrell looks up and says, “Exercise, ew!”  Michelle then, in her best attempt at comedy, replies, “Exercise is not, ‘ew.’”  She then goes on to explain that exercise can be looked at any number of ways and is individual to whatever that person enjoys.

She gives examples such as dancing and playing tennis.  The three then join in an impromptu dance party to celebrate the newly discovered form of physical fitness.  Sometime later in the skit, Will Farrell takes to trying to gross out the audience in effort to get them to say “ew,” by showing them several pictures.


Ironically, the teenage character shows a picture of Will Ferrel himself and goes on to show a picture of potato chips.  Furthering her campaign efforts Mrs. Obama shouts, “ew,” when he reveals them saying they are unhealthy.  She then suggests that people seek to find healthier alternatives, such as kale chips to substitute unhealthier foods.

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After the skit was over, she walked on stage to join Jimmy Fallon in true Tonight Show fashion.  In a black dress, she willing obliged to the hosts interviews and discussed things such as the “Let’s Move” campaign and the Olympics.  She claimed that the campaign was a huge success and pushed that viewers participate by posting pics on Twitter using #letsmove.

Feel free to watch the skit in its entirety below:

She went on to say that if enough people do this, the President and Vice President have agreed to post pictures of themselves during their exercise routines.  Aren’t we all just trembling with anticipation?

Also taking the time to promote her husbands abysmal legacy—Obamacare—she states that the healthcare.gov website is now fixed—a whole 4 months later. Now that’s government efficiency for you!


Along with this she boasts that adults as old as 26 are now eligible to be on parent’s insurance and when they are too old they can find insurance for as low as $50 a month.  I’d like to see the statistics on who exactly is eligible for that kind of coverage and what the income requirements are.

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Anyways, watching Michelle Obama tote around spouting her nonsense and spreading her husband’s propaganda was extremely frustrating to several viewers who ultimately changed the channel on principle.  Its time for this couple to crawl back under the rock from which they came.

What do you think—was the skit any funny? How do you feel about MOOCHelle’s “Let’s Move” campaign? Let us know in a comment below!


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