Fanatic Michael The Black Man Trashes Obama, Calls Him “The Beast”

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Michael the Black Man is making sensational headlines again for his protests against the President.  He, along with his 20 some followers, have been seen holding signs that read, “Obama Endorsed By The KKK” and “Blacks Against Obama”.

The now club promoter and yacht refurbisher – interesting career choices – has quite the storied past.  He was well on his way to becoming a career criminal back in the mid-eighties, having been arrested for petty theft and trespassing, among other charges.  About that time, he was recruited by Yahweh ben Yahweh, a cult leader and black supremacist preacher’s son.  The two were tied to seven separate murders, but Michael got acquitted.

His crazy didn’t stop there.  He commandeered an unlicensed radio station, which he used to profess his intense hatred of Democrats, whom he called “Demon-crats”.  He labeled them slave owners who were aligned with the KKK.  He even called for the black mayor of his home town to be set on fire.

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Even after all this, Michael the Black Man fancies himself a messenger of God.  He states that when choosing a political candidate, he votes for God.  Presumably, this means he votes for the bigger Bible-thumper.  Michael, who likens child support to legal slavery, calls Obama “The Beast” and says he is the manifestation of an apocalyptic figure warned of in the Bible.  And don’t even get him started on Oprah, who he calls a “devil” and a “hell-bound Jezebel”.

“The smart blacks don’t like Obama,” wrote a conservative commenter on  I would hardly lump this lunatic in the “smart blacks” category, however, it is disconcerting that even a cook like this can see that our Commander in Chief is unfit.

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