GALLERY: 10 Most Dangerous Cities In America According To Rank

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The degradation of America is on a steady incline as moral and ethical ideals increasingly corrode all in the name of tolerance.  Along with this, the freeloading and dependent portion of America that Obama promotes continues to become more frequent in their criminal activity all while continuing to breed more of the same.

While certain cities are actually making an attempt to prepare—what would have been—victims in certain cities and actually made progressive legislation that contributed to a decrease in overall crime, other cities just continued to do more of the same.  As Albert Einstein said, “Insanity [is] doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

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Big cities continue to further incarcerate their residents by shackling them to laws that not only hurt residents, but expose them to potentially fatal risk.  Further disarming the public creates a society that has been proven time and time again to be counter-productive when deterring crime, and in fact, leaves guns only in the hands of criminals.

This along with several other poorly written and thought out legislation has literally turned 10 cities into the sewage of America. The list is as follows:

10. Milwaukee


Certain crimes to the rise in criminality within the city limits of Milwaukee.  For instance rape was noted to have increased by as much as 100 percent over the past year as well as robbery jumping as much as 16 percent.  As a whole, crime was reported to have jumped 5 percent in all total illegal activity.

9. Atlanta


Atlanta was actually able to drop its criminal activity down by 10 percent as a whole. Too bad for them, their ranking was so abysmally low in the previous year that their rates still land them on the list.  It seems progress is being made, but there is still a long way to go.

8.  Cleveland


Crime jumped up by 7 percent because of the best laid plans that legislators could come up with in Cleveland.  While murder and assault were reported to have decreased in the previous year, rape and robbery has made a significant increase keeping them on the list.

7. Baltimore


Baltimore just about hovered at the same place as law makers and police did nothing new to suppress crime.  Actually increasing criminal activity by 2 percent it seems that officials better take a new approach to fighting crime as what they are doing now, obviously isn’t doing any good.

6. Birmingham


Although there is no way to distinguish how well Birmingham did in the previous year as they failed to report their crime statistics, their 895 aggravated assaults place them at number six, as worst in the country.

5. Stockton


Stockton made significant improvements over the past year as their murder rate dropped an astounding 64 percent.  Along with this, rape and aggravated assault also made significant drops indicative that law enforcement and legislation was actually hard at work over the past year.  Unfortunately for Stockton, just like Atlanta, was doing so terribly bad to begin with, they are still amongst the bottom few.

4. Memphis


As some categories of violent crimes such as rape and assault dropped, they were balanced out by the increase in murder cases in Memphis.  Not really going anywhere, the city remains on the list from the year before.

3. St. Louis


St. Louis had a remarkable turnout this year as the city was reported to have decreased all criminal activity by as much as 20 percent.  Despite the fact that rape was noted to have risen by 64 percent, the overall crime rate decreased.  However, the city still remains within the top three dangerous cities in the nation.

2. Oakland


Oakland, known to be riddled with criminal activity, is the second most dangerous place in the country as indicated by the 30 percent increase in robberies over the last year.  Not everything was bad, as rape, murder and assault were on the decrease but wasn’t quite enough to pull them from the depths of criminality that their city suffers from.

1. Detroit


This year’s winner of most dangerous city in the United States goes to Detroit.  Notorious for its illegal activity, rape in the city increased by 46 percent.  Still abysmally terrible, the city was reported to have a decrease in crime by about 5 percent.

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So what do you think—any Mr. Conservative readers from any of these cities? Let us know in a comment below!


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