Nazi “Monopoly” Sent Jews To Gas Chambers, Concentration Camps

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Beate Zschape was a member of the Nazi group National Socialist Underground which was a death squad responsible for 10 deaths in Germany over 13 years. Her group was discovered in 2011 and funded itself by producing a “Monopoly” game that mimicked what happened during the Holocost.

Zschape, 38, and her group have been accused of killing nine immigrants in 2006, murdering a policewoman and attempted murder of her colleague, the Cologne bombings in 2001 and 2004 and 14 bank robberies and now is on trial for 10 counts of murder, which she denies she committed.

Prosecutors say that the game was invented by her and her accomplices to pass time between killing and robbing people. The point of it was to annihilate Jewish life in German cities then send the Jews to death camps. Rather than having the typical four train stations there was the names of four of the most well known death and concentration camps- Ravensbrueck, Buchenwald, Auschwitz, and Dachau. Chance and community chest said things like ‘Go to the next concentration camp and hand in the captured Jews and make the owner pay twice the normal rent.’ A different card read
‘You fought off a horde of red lice using a machine gun.  Reward; 2,000 Reichsmark.’

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The game became a major part of the trial on day 85 to show the court that she ‘in an insidious way and identifying completely with the genocide of the Jews in the Third Reich.’

The group is said to have made several copies and sold them for £80 a game to other Nazi-type people and groups around Germany in order to help fund their extremist group.

Zschape’s trial is said to be the largest Neo-Nazi trial ever heard since post-war Germany and it includes her and several accomplices. Her two lovers, who were also part of the group, committed suicide two years ago after a botched bank raid, leaving Zschape to torch their hideout, their names were Uwe Boehnhardt, 34, and Uwe Mundlos, 38.

The alleged goal of the group was to force thousands of immigrants to flee Germany after seeing that they were being deliberately targeted by the death squad.

The game was called ‘Pogromly’ which is derived from the German word ‘pogrom’, a term meant to describe the violent riots that were organized against Jewish people over several centuries in Eastern Europe and Russia. It had plenty of swastikas, a skull wearing a German helmet in the center of the board, and S.S. runic flashes all over it.

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