LAUGHABLE: Nitwit NY Democrat Calls For “Barack Obama Dynasty”

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A Democratic candidate for the state of NY has accidentally exposed that he suffers from the ever popular foot-in-mouth disorder.  During a speech, he stated that America had better ready themselves for the glorious “Barack Obama Dynasty.”

It seems as though the Congressional candidate, Domenic Recchia, paused as he lost the words he actually meant to say—but what slipped out, may have just have sunk his campaign.  As most Democrats are using Obama’s failures to better themselves politically, Recchia apparently wants to be buried amongst the rubble of Obama’s legacy.


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Knowing that Obama is a sinking ship of disaster, most Democrats are distancing themselves from Obama inferring that they couldn’t possibly be dumb enough to make the mistakes Obama has–but not Recchia.  As Obama continues to crash and burn, Recchia has effectively tied himself to Obama’s reign of terror that is sure to end in disaster.

It is unclear exactly what the Democrat actually meant to say, but the fact that the word “dynasty” was the only thing that came to mind makes it all the more funny—if not sheds a little light on the mind (or lack thereof) of a Liberal.

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Welcome to the good ol’ state of NY ladies and gentlemen, where only the best and brightest are elected to serve.

What do you guys think—how do people like this even get in a position to run for public office? Let us know your thoughts in a comment below!

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