George Zimmerman Flees Miami After Angry Mob Reveals There’s A $10,000 Bounty On His Life

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It appears as if George Zimmerman is no longer a fan of the stand your ground law as he has taken to running away.  Apparently in Miami for a series of interviews he was approached by an angry mob that informed him to be wary of anyone that may want to claim the $10,000 bounty that has been put on him.

The mob reportedly approached Zimmerman while he was at the beach with his girlfriend and her children.  They soon began to harass the visitors and were quick to taunt of the looming bounty.

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There were reports that just two months after Zimmerman used deadly force against Trayvon Martin that the New Black Panthers had placed a $10,000 bounty on his life for anyone bold enough to claim it.  Surprisingly, that was the exact amount mentioned by the angry group forcing Zimmerman to get his loved ones out of town.

Zimmerman was said to stay in town in order to complete the interviews that he had agreed to—even one with CNN that he had the next morning—but was quick to get out of town after. Do you blame him?

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