VIDEO: Martial Law: Militarized SWAT Teams Force People From Their Homes

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Recently we’ve been witnessing the heavy militarization of police and SWAT teams across the U.S. so that these forces can more easily ‘keep the peace.’ Everything from grenade launchers to armored personnel carriers have been acquired by different departments as if they’re preparing for war against the American people, and it should concern anyone paying attention.

There’s also been many stories that have broken that warn of the military running drills for martial law scenarios, preparations being made by FEMA and other agencies, and an ever increasing presence of the DHS and other homeland ‘security’ forces in our personal lives so that they may better ‘protect’ us. The Army’s latest field manual even talks about internment camps in our homeland, and classifies right wing conservatives as ‘terrorists’ yet we’re supposed to believe that all is well and there’s nothing in the works.


The video above shows us what will happen if and when martial law is ever declared in our nation. It’s a chilling reminder of the brute strength and power that our police forces now possess and really serves to show us that the phrase ‘to protect and serve’ has now become ‘to intimidate and harass.’

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The home video, shot by a resident in their home shows the police walking down the street and commanding people follow their orders as they force them to show identification and put their hands on their heads, then force them out of their home. The streets are flooded with police, SWAT and Homeland Security officers all searching for a single wounded teenager. ‘Shelter in place’ orders were given to residents who were all treated as if they were terrorists themselves as their Fourth Amendment rights were shredded right before their eyes, all in the name of ‘security.’

While the police controlled the streets all the public transportation systems were shut down, military helicopters flew around enforcing the ‘no-fly’ zone that was enacted, businesses were shut down, and the entire town resembled that of a war zone as 9,000 police and military went on the largest scale manhunt in history. It was martial law, without a formal declaration.

What’s scary about this situation is that was just a single town with the police looking for a wounded young man who was on the run, what’s going to happen when they actually do declare martial law?

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