VIDEO: Obama’s Illegal Immigrant Aunt Says America Is Obligated To Grant Her Citizenship

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In one of the most pompous and irritating interviews surely watched by any and all Conservatives alike, Obama’s illegal aunt is sure to burrow far beneath the skin.  Even though she has recently been granted asylum, she has leeched off government assistance for years costing taxpayers thousands of dollar—and what’s worse, is she doesn’t care.

The interview portraying the extremely vexatious woman reeks of entitlement and claims to fall under the protection of purported American obligation.  As the conversation proceeds, it becomes increasingly clear just exactly how she feels of this fictitious privilege and how she doesn’t regret a single of her actions.

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Delving into the matter at hand, as the interviewer, Jonathan Elias, asks increasingly invasive questions in order to achieve the desired effect of accurate self-reflection, Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango, becomes increasing offended.  Asked why she believes that everything she has done is acceptable in her eyes, she claims that as a nation of God, America is obligated to not only take in those who require help, but provide for them as well.


As Elias attempts to clear the misinformed distinction that seems to cloud the arrogant woman’s mind, at one point he offers her an example trying to show her the errors of her ways.  Saying that 10 people have the intention of putting forth money to pay for a group service, he asks if it is fair if an 11th person steps forward to enjoy the benefits that the others paid for, and if it’s right.  Adding even more insult to injury, Onyango irritates viewers by accounting that persons eligibility to enjoy those perks to nothing more than luck—a poor excuse even for someone who knows they’re in the wrong.

With her back up against the wall, she does however state—in effort to justify her actions–that that 11th person would still be eligible and shouldn’t be turned away just because they didn’t pay.  That being said, she suggests that’s what is so great about America is that it is the land of the free and have to support anyone that comes knocking.


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It wasn’t discovered right before Obama’s election into office that he had an illegal immigrant relative living within the country.  Surely wishing this wasn’t dug up—at least quite yet–he was still forced to answer a few hindering questions.  Asked if he would support her deportation to Kenya, he replied—as politically (and “ethically”) as possible—by saying that he would support that if she was in violation of the law.

As it was, she was already in violation of the law as back in 2004, she had been ordered home by an immigration judge.  Of course non-compliant—as the Obama’s don’t do anything they don’t want to—she stayed in the country illegally living in a homeless shelter for two years.  For some reason, the illegal was granted government funded housing despite the countless other citizens that were also in need of such help.

Time went on, and outrage grew until it came about that Zeituni Onyango had been granted asylum.  The same judge that had ruled before overturned his previous order demanding the woman return home saying that now, because of Obama’s status, sending her back home could be potentially fatal.

Obama still claims he didn’t have a hand in her staying in the country—suuuure.

Either way the irritating thing is that this woman is in no way grateful for what this country has provided her with and considers her time here not the American dream but her American worst nightmare.  I believe I speak for the entirety of American citizens when I say “GO BACK HOME.”

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Insisting that she does not receive any help from Obama, the fraudulent disgrace insists that all her bills are paid by none other than Jesus himself.  Her arrogance and complete sense of entitlement is nothing short of infuriating—but is it any real question where that derived from?

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