Liberal Parents Raising Their Son As “Gender Neutral”

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Removing the crucial aspect where parents are supposed to provide proper guidance for their children, a set of parents have taken to raising their son as “gender neutral.”  Amongst the average boy norms that he participates in, the boy is also accustomed to wearing dresses, playing with dolls and even painting his fingernails.

The boy’s parents, Lisa and Martin Price, have taken to raising Max in a non-influential manner.  As most parents generally fall into the average category, dressing their children in gender specific clothing or buying them relevant toys, Max’s parents are seeking to let him decide how he wants to live.

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That being said, there’s no other indication on how far this mindset has influenced their parenting agenda—for instance on if Max gets to decide what he thinks is right and what’s wrong.  In the end, the couple seems to care most about Max discovering his own gender based on his personal likes and dislikes.


The idea seems to be primarily that of Lisa’s but is proceeding without any resistance by Martin.  That being said, Lisa conveys that, “Enforcing gender stereotypes can be damaging. They teach little boys to be aggressive and dominant over women.”  Despite the fact that such behavior is usually the result of poor parenting skills, they explain that this in turn will make Max a better spouse in the future.

Furthering her deluded point she states, “There’s research that’s saying that the whole boys will be boys thing basically teaches lads that it’s ok to be a certain way because it’s in their nature to be aggressive and sexually aggressive.”

Bringing up the highly notorious case of Jimmy Saville who was responsible for the abuse and rape of countless underage girls, she claims that by allowing Max to dress as a girl will somehow prevent a similar instance.

Explaining that Max seems to be, “happy and still,” even when he’s getting his hairs and nails done, she insists that she wouldn’t have it any other way.  Allowing him to wear a pink tutu with matching fairy wings is only thought of as Max trying to express himself the way he knows best.


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As previously mentioned, Max’s father, Martin, also doesn’t mind the unusual parenting route the couple is taking.  Diving into his point he states, “He might be playing dress up, it might be something he enjoys doing, it might be something he might still do in years to come, but at the end of the day we’re just following the way he wants to be. We listen to him very carefully.”

He stated that in earlier years, “I played with my sister’s dolls as a child and it doesn’t bother me. I can’t see why it would bother anyone.”

Forget about the countless ways these parents could be developmentally stunting their child—there is always a place for both men and women in the world.  Without one, the other would cease to exist and visa versa.  That being said, if they somehow manage to allow their child to actually develop the interpretation that his sexual orientation is that of a homosexual, they insist they wouldn’t mind at all.

As Lisa explains, “It doesn’t matter if he’s homosexual, bisexual, transsexual or asexual as far as I’m concerned.  I didn’t give birth to him and say I’m only going to love you if you’re this way.”  As a parent you would think that you would want to raise your son to be the best man possible, not by letting him decide what is right and what is wrong, but by showing him through example.


We are all a product of our environment and Lisa and Martin, although they want to provide their son with a non-influential childhood where he can make up his own mind, seem a bit hypocritical.  There is no fathomable way in which they could possibly raise that boy where he will be 100% a product of his own decisions. Whether they like it or not, they will be influential on the boy’s future in more ways than they can count.

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Lisa also noted that she was set to home school Max when he was of age—good thing too.  After all, could you imagine the psychological damage the boy would endure at the hands of other students when he walked in wearing a pink dress?  This would, although unforeseeable by the ignorant, self-educated parents, fall entirely at their feet with no one else to blame but themselves.

What do you think—is what these parent’s are doing right, or is it going to hurt Max in the long run? Let us know in a comment below!

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