Woman Makes 911 Call: My 72-Year-Old Husband Forcing Me To “Hook Up With His Sisters”

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An odd day it was indeed after police responded to a 911 hang up call in the small town of Chesnee, South Carolina.  When an officer arrived to check the welfare of the residence at the address, they were met by a woman saying her husband was trying to get her to have sex with his sisters.

According to the report, a 911 call came from the residence into the Spartanburg Sheriff’s Office, but was quickly ended after whoever made the call, hang up.  As normal procedure dictates, a police officer was sent out to the house to make sure that everyone inside was alright.

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After arriving, police were met by Mary, a 58-year-old woman who lived in the house with her 72-year-old husband.  It wasn’t long before the woman was chewing the ear off the officer and informing him of a little more information than he probably wanted to hear.

She relayed that her older husband was suffering from difficulties in the bedroom and had been for the past two weeks.  In order to get the juices flowing—so to speak—he suggested that she invite his sisters over to have a little fun in the sack.

The suggestions must have been frequent and evolving into demands as the woman initially told him that, “she is not like that.”  Fed up, she called police to see what they could do and demanded they keep her sister-in-laws away from their property.

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When all was said and done, however the only legal action police could take, was to inform the woman of the state’s no-trespass laws.

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